Now TikTok to copy Instagram. picture mode up

Since TikTok has managed not only to carve out a niche among the big social media, but even surpass the scores of many sacred beasts, especially among younger users, we’ve seen a race to ‘who does best’, which has often literally led to a job copying. or more instead of inventing new functions.

Not saying anything silly by claiming that Instagram repeatedly tried to copy some of TikTok’s killer features so as not to lose its way compared to the Chinese competitor, thus spawning Reels and many other unpublished functions. But be careful! Now the exact opposite is happening and It’s TikTok that copies Instagram With the introduction of a function called Picture Mode.

The update allows TikTok users to share multiple still images in a single post, along with captions and up to 2,200 characters. New photo posts, which may also contain music, will appear on users’ For You page along with the videos.

And of course, the new image mode makes the page more Instagram-like, like TikTok videos shared on Youtube Pants, for example. This feature is already being used by creators to share recycled memes and other often popular content on Instagram.

It’s quite strange to see TikTok copy the original Instagram premise, but that’s what happens. Meanwhile, the The Wall Street Journal I recently mentioned that TikTok still far outperforms Instagram Reels in terms of daily view times, so despite efforts, the Chinese social network continues to dominate.

However, the introduction of Photo Mode is just the latest episode of this way of working, for example, Twitter also introduced a TikTok-style feed of full-screen videos, while YouTube added Shorts, itself a TikTok clone, TikTok-style audio clips.

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