Nothing is preparing to open a shop in London by the end of the year

There are only a few hours left to introduce the next Nothing products, the new Ear Stick headphones, but Carl Pei seems to be planning several other innovations, including the opening of a real phone physical store.

The opening is scheduled for the end of 2022, more precisely before the Christmas holidays and the chosen location is the Soho area, between My God! Caricature And the super top. Reportedly, the store will allow you to purchase none of the products and accessories, so expect the next Nothing Ear Stick and phone (1) (here is our review) to be available directly in the store, without having to resort to enforcing it when buying online.

Choosing to open a store is definitely An important step in the strategy of nothingEspecially since then The company claims it wants to compete with Applewhich is famous for the peculiarity of the shopping experience displayed in its points of sale, so we expect that nothing will think carefully about this aspect.

Considering the location within one of London’s major shopping streets, Nothing must also play an integral role in improving brand perception, another critical component for Berry to take the next step.

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