None Ear (stick) review: The latter is good, but the design comes at a price

nothing It’s a relatively new brand – its debut dates back to January 2021 – but it certainly doesn’t lack experience given the deep knowledge of the sector from its creator Carl Pei, who along with OnePlus – who is one of its founders – has managed to get a little time off important stock. in the market at the expense of fierce competition. The bet has been made now, and in a little less than two years, several products have been launched with the aim of gaining more and more consensus among consumers, and ambitiously Create a real ecosystem Through it the user can move freely, find everything he needs to have a comprehensive experience.

So here’s the all-new Ear (stick), the second model of the Nothing after Ear (1) and the third on the market also counts the phone (1). Certainly with this product, the company wanted to set the record straight right away: Design is the brand and wants to be, the differentiating element of a display – in the technology sector – is now flat not only in its characteristics but also in its aesthetics. It is the details that are important, that is, that draw the consumer’s attention to one product rather than another, and there is no doubt here: Nothing Ear (stick) stands out.

October 26

Let it be clear to evaluate any technology device It cannot and should not be limited to appearance (Read: Aesthetics), but it’s also true that nothing puts much emphasis on this aspect (it’s not the only brand that does, keep in mind) and so it’s essential to include it in the examination.

the design

Nothing says it explicitly: the nursery.”Inspired by the lipstick silhouetteAfter all, the cylindrical shape and red element housing the USB-C socket for charging leave no doubt. Let’s try to answer the first question that comes naturally: if it looks like lipstick Does this mean that it is a product intended for a female audience? Obviously being able to express an opinion in a personal capacity only, the writer’s answer is: number.

We are not in front of a device purely feminine – Those who have a few more years on their shoulders will remember the presentation of Siemens with its Xelibri series mobile phones. What can I say, to complete the presentation of Ear (stick) Xelibri 6 would be perfect. Joking aside, he’s a product Intended for a wide audience including any type of user No matter what type you belong to. The case is made of clear plastic on the outside (beware of scratches and dirt that tend to accumulate!), the inside is white and to open it just rotate until the speakers are available. The rotation of the cylinder is facilitated by the excellent grip which makes the operation very simple.

The top of the case – in red – contains a USB-C socket for charging (supplied with a USB-C / USB-C cable) and Small chrome button for pairing: Just press and hold (with the case open) to complete the process that happens more quickly on Android thanks to Quick pairing function. I haven’t had any kind of problem at this point, applause for nothing.

everything passes Brand new None X application. – Just released in the App Store and Play Store – where all necessary settings can be made. Nothing Phone (1) owners instead have everything they need already in the smartphone’s quick settings. Once you open the app, you’ll find the image of the two speakers (left with a white dot, right with a red dot), the relative charge levels (also for the case), equalizer buttons and controls. One click on each of the two displayed headphones You can access personalization To select functions if you double or triple press the earphone key, long press, or double press the second long key.

The first few times I used headphones I couldn’t always find the key on the stem on the first try: It’s just a habit, already after an hour the given commands were more secure and without errors. The equalizer is good toowhich allows you to choose between balanced sound, with a spread of bass or treble, and audio and custom: by selecting the last item you can manually adjust the highs, lows and mids using a graph that helps us find a balanced result.

technical features

  • My voice:
    • 12.6 mm dynamic motor
    • Diaphragm: PEN (polyethylene phthalate) and PU (polyurethane)
    • Codec: AAC, SBC
  • Dimensions and weight:
    • Speakers: 29.8 x 18.8 x 18.4 mm per 4.4g
    • Case: 87.1 x 29.8 x 29.8 mm for 46.3 grams
  • the battery:
    • Earphone autonomy: Up to 7 hours of listening, up to 3 hours of calls
    • Headphones + case autonomy: up to 29 hours of listening, up to 12 hours of calls
    • A 10-minute recharge allows for up to 9 hours of autonomy
    • Charging via USB-C
  • Resistance: IP54
  • Ear detection: Auto play when earphones are inserted, pause when removed
  • Google quick pairing
  • Microsoft Swift pairing
  • Regulations:
    • One click: play/pause, answer/end call (not adjustable)
    • Double press: next track, reject connection (default, adjustable)
    • Triple press: Previous track (default, adjustable)
    • long press:
      • Left speaker: Volume up (default, adjustable)
      • Right earphone: Volume down (default, adjustable)
  • Connection: Bluetooth 5.2
  • Compatibility: Android 5.1+ and iOS 11+
  • Application:
    • None X for iOS and Android
    • Customizable Equalizer and Gesture
    • Find my headphones
    • Low Latency Mode With Phone (1)
  • Phone built-in settings (1):
    • Customizable Equalizer and Gesture
    • Find my headphones
    • Low Latency Mode
    • Software updates


I had the perfect opportunity to try out the ear (stick) during a short trip, I used the earbuds with both an Android and iOS smartphone (to be exact, Galaxy Z Fold 4 and iPhone 14 Pro). The mating process was instant Either way, with Samsung it happened via Google Fast Pair. I kept the default settings for gestures and changed the equalizer to give the bass a bit of spread.

Once placed on your ear, The earbuds can’t be seen through the light: Using them for a long time isn’t a problem at all, you really forget you wore them (it happened to me) and that’s a huge point in their favour. However I answered Some small difficulty in finding the correct position in the ear: Nothing claims to have tested over 100 different ear shapes, making over 200 design changes during development. What is certain is that the result was More of a compromise than an optimal solutionWhich is why in many cases I find myself looking for – and not finding – the perfect support point that will increase comfort, stability, and sound quality.

Here too it is a matter of habit, After a few uses, the “correct” position can be quickly found. After all this “risk” can be played with all the headphones half in-ear, in my case it was my first time and I needed more time to get used to this specific form factor.

No noise cancellation, and this is palpable. On a plane, the background noise is the same whether you’re wearing headphones or resting on a table, even the sounds of nearby passengers (usually most chatterers are always the ones sitting behind them…) remain about the same intensity. Hence the only solution is to turn the volume up a bit: however, the result may not necessarily be what is desired.

Good sound qualityperhaps not so excellent: despite the 12.6 mm dynamic driver, the “The best headphone magnets on the marketAnd the tricks Nothing did – see Bass Lock that identifies potential bass loss by automatically resetting the output to optimal level – I wasn’t always able to immerse myself in the music as well as I wanted. In some cases – and here the ambient noise affects our surroundings – the track being listened to To him it is very flat, in other cases, the bass is not balanced enough.

Of course you can’t expect the sound quality of higher-range products, but I was expecting a slightly cleaner sound on all occasions. However, there is no problem during callsThe voice of the other interlocutor is always clear and even the listener reports excellent reception without disturbance. Here Clear Voice does an excellent job with the three built-in microphones that, with the help of an algorithm, properly filter out background noise by amplifying the sound.


Nothing counts Up to 7 hours of continuous listening With a single recharge, and I must say that from my personal experience, this data – which manufacturers often calibrate upwards – is consistent with the truth. On the road I was using the ear(s) practically all the time and without any help from the charging case I used them for at least 5-6 hours by turning them off with still 20% battery available. Obviously, if you make several phone calls, the independence decreases faster.

Final considerations

none ear (stick) Exclusive and innovativeThe app is brand new but already complete, the flat-market case differs and the headphones themselves are very aesthetically pleasing – they really appeal to the ear design (1) – with details not left to chance, and elegant, not skimpy transparency. Absolutely. The fit is good, meaning it goes on have found Given the half-in-ear form factor, the weight is a featherweight and the sound quality is more than adequate. I felt the absence of noise cancellation A few times I have missed those hits which I have found on other occasions.

However, a final opinion must necessarily be given by the intersection of the experience of use with the price of the product: I think 119 euros is a bit overrated, given that the price of ear (1) is now under €100 (see below) with plenty of ANC at our disposal. Paid for the design, that’s right, but a spot between 80 and 90 euros would have found it more convenient.


Perhaps the best alternative to the ear (stick) always does nothing: ear (1) (Here you can find our review (not)) It costs 30 euros more in the list, but on Amazon you find it at 89 euros and offers greater stability in the earbud and, above all, active noise cancellation. So it can represent the ideal solution for all those who need more isolation from the surrounding environment.

If you want to stay in design scopeThen you can consider Huawei FreeBuds lipstick, which is similar in aesthetic philosophy but at a higher price (cost 229 149 euros on the official website).

Pros and Cons

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