No verification on Twitter? Dbrand will take care of the problem

While Twitter Try to figure out what new job to advertise and take down in ten hours or so, it seems Debrand He finally found the perfect solution to the problems caused by Elon Musk on the twittering bird social network.

Yes, because the probability of having to pay 8 dollars a month To maintain a verified user status does not go down to many, especially now This badge no longer has any value in the eyes of the public. If before it was an item that somehow testifies to the reliability of the account on which it is set, today it simply indicates that This user has $8 less in his bank account every monthnothing else.

Then comes the great idea of Debrand: Why limit yourself to just checking Twitter accounts? Why pay every month when possible Do it only once? There is only one answer to these questions and they are related to New stickers Verified Just marketed by dbrand on their official website (link in source).

For a modest $8 lump sumYou can take it home Precious Pack of 8 Verified Stickers (Practically $1 each!) can be associated with any object, place or person (or even flowers, fruits and cities) to certify that you are an authorized user!

But the fun doesn’t end there, since then Each sticker lasts more than a month, so you can stay satisfied for a while with a single spend of $8. If you then want to stand out The musk inside youYou can also try to rent the verified sticker to some of your friends, and ask for as little as $8 per month. But don’t tell him we suggested it to you.

Before you leave – on the other hand you will cheat to win a set – we would like to point out that $8 price refutes previous rumors of a suggested sticker pack at a good price of $20, as also reported on dbrand. But maybe it’s best to hurry, because perhaps Twitter’s volatility is contagious.

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