No Limits with Chris Hemsworth, starting November 16 on Disney+

Disney released + file Official Announcement From the original National Geographic series, no limits With Chris Hemsworth. In this six-part documentary series, the film and streaming star (The Avengers Thor Extract) guides viewers on a personal, adrenaline-pumping journey as he investigates How to fight aging and discover the full potential of the human bodyor. Based on the latest scientific research, Limitless breaks traditional beliefs about how to live life to the fullest. All episodes of the series will be available from November 16th Exclusively on Disney+.

Halfway between a global scientific adventure and a personal journey, each episode of the series follows Chris Hemsworth as he faces physical and mental feats devised by world-renowned experts, scientists and doctors to unleash the aging process. Each challenge, carried out with the utmost rigor, is based on innovative studies based on new research and unifying traditions. Here are some snapshots from the set, then more details on this very special documentary series.

Chris keeps himself in top physical condition and is famous for playing the role of an immortal superhero, always taking care of his health and fitness. But now, at 40, he wants to discover how to harness the potential of his mind and body to stay clearer, stronger, and healthier for longer, not only for himself and his children, but also for his parents’ children. …his children. Each challenge pushes Hemsworth further than ever.

Through the series, viewers will be able to discover techniques to improve their health and lives. After years of working and collaborating with friends and family, including wife Elsa Pataky and brothers Luke and William, Chris Hemsworth joined Limitless determined to explore his emotional and cognitive health as well as challenge his physical limits. Each challenge is amazing and unique: Among these, Swimming for more than 200 meters in arctic fjord 2 degreesclimbed a 30-meter-long rope suspended over a valley H Walking along a crane over a 270-meter skyscraper, 80 floors. Each exam requires a training program along with world-class experts. For some, like rope climbing in a valley, it took months of preparation. Others, like the four-day-only water fast, were (thankfully!) much shorter but so tough that Hemsworth is considering throwing in the towel.

The experts and scientists who have accompanied Hemsworth through the Six Essential Aspects of Living Better and Longer are Ross Edgeley, extreme sports athlete and author of Scientific Articles on Sport, Dr. Associate and Associate Vice President of Neurology and Neurosciences for Clinical Research at the Stanford Center for Memory Disorders, Dr. B.J. Miller, President and Mittel Health Consultant Aloa Arthur, Dola Dola and founder of Going with Grace, and Tanya Streeter, M.D.

The six episodes available to stream from November 16 are:

  • Evidence of stress: Since adolescence, stress has been a part of Hemsworth’s life, and he wants to learn how to manage it better. Psychologist Modupe Akinola challenges him to remain calm during his terrifying walk along a crane jutting from the roof of a skyscraper. Modupe Chris teaches powerful physical and psychological techniques we can use to control stress in our lives and combat the long-term health risks it poses.
  • shock: To maximize lifespan, you might think it’s best to play it safe and stay safe. But some scientists believe we should do the opposite, because exposure to extreme temperatures can stimulate our bodies’ defenses against the deadly diseases of ageing. Hemsworth travels to the North Pole with his brothers Liam and Luke to encounter cold therapy.
  • fastChris Hemsworth turns to longevity doctor Peter Atia to find out how changing his eating habits can help his research. Ironically, the answer is not to eat at all for four long days. If he can handle his hunger, fasting will unlock his body’s powers against aging and give Chris the head start he needs when he’s looking for his next meal… spearfishing off the Great Barrier Reef.
  • Power: As Hemsworth trains for Thor: Love and Thunder, he needs to build a body fit for an immortal god. But he also wants the type of muscle that’s scientifically proven to help him stay strong and healthy even as he ages in real life. Teaming up with extreme sports expert Ross Edgeley, he trains for the grueling challenge of climbing a 30-meter rope, turning it from a decoration into a tool.
  • memory: Chris Hemsworth has always worked to keep his body healthy; Now is the time to start taking care of his brain. Neurologist Dr. Sharon Sha challenges him to go out into nature without a GPS or a map. Along with his friend, First Nations artist Otis Hope Carey, Chris will need to adjust nature to travel through the distant Otis ancestral land. The trip will bring back the most precious memories.
  • Acceptance: Hemsworth has so far done everything in her power to delay the aging process. Now he faces his most extreme and emotional challenges: three days in a village of seniors in a suit that turns the simplest activities into a grueling task. It tests the theory that the best way to combat aging and the fear of death may not be to fight it, but to accept it.

no limits In collaboration with Chris Hemsworth, it was produced by Protozoa, Nutopia and Wild State for National Geographic. Chris Hemsworth and Ben Grayson are the executive producers of the Wild State. Darren Aronofsky and Ari Handel are executive producers of Protozoa. For Nutopia, Jane Root, Arif Noor Muhammad, and Ruth Schurman are the executive producers. Bengt Anderson and Matt Renner are executive producers at National Geographic. Waiting to see it, we leave you in the official Disney + trailer.

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