No any ear stick, so light that it can be worn all day long

Nothing works on a new model of earbuds, and a possible evolution of its first model, Nothing Ear (1) The first rumors about it date back a few months, when it was thought that none wanted to offer a new case for the model currently on the market, but the latest information seems to be the Indicate ready to submit A whole new model.

It is the company that tells us this from its Twitter profile, and also shares the first official images and some details about the product in question. Suspicions that an Ear Stick could be a case were resolved only by Nothing itself, as US Public Relations Director Louis Hopkins spoke to the edge The Ear Stick is described as a brand new product and not a simple add-on solution to the existing model on the market.

When shared on the company’s Twitter profile, the elongated status is clearly visible, but we still don’t know anything about the inside. Here are the first images available, along with the one you can see in the title.

The first rumors about the Ear Stick date back to the beginning of the year, then subsequent indications came in on the occasion of the launch of Nothing Phone (1) in July, but the event ended without anything about it. The information released via the press release adds nothing to what has been assumed so far, except for the promise that the Ear Stick will be “Light as a feather, in a very comfortable and ergonomic design”.

Soon, we may find out more if the company continues to follow the same stance it has taken with other products, the properties of which were slowly revealed in the weeks leading up to formalization. Although there is no exact information on the release period, it is very likely that everything will be achieved by the end of the year, so let’s expect new information and images over the next few weeks.

Update: The ear stick is suitable to wear for hours


As the presentation date approaches faster and faster, nothing has been shared on his Twitter profile New details on TWS called Ear Stick. The company is clearly betting everything on the comfort of this model of earbuds, as not only will you be the champions of lightness, Each weighs only 4.4 gramsCompared to 4.7 for the original ear (1), but it will be suitable for any type of ear. The company reports that it has conducted extensive wearability tests on more than 100 different ear shapes. I also shared a new photo, here it is to follow.

At this point, we just have to wait for the presentation event scheduled for next October 26, and although there are no exact indications on the possible price of this TWS, it should not stray too far from the price of the Ear (1).

Unfortunately, it’s a period of price hikes (as Apple knows with iPads) and nothing has confirmed recently that the TWS model on the market will be subject to a 50% price increase from October 26th. In general, from the current 90 euros it should go to about 130 euros.


Awaiting the official presentation, there are more and more leaks of images related to Ear Sticks of Nothing. A few days ago we first saw them on video thanks to a promotion by Errolson Hugh (you can find it below), but now leaker Kuba Wojciechowski has shared more photos on Twitter.

This time we face those who appear to be official performancesThanks to that we can take a closer look at the new TWS. We suggest they keep an eye on it, and remind you that the intensification of rumors and images is an unmistakable sign that the release in the markets is getting closer and closer.


Looks like one is in progress Collaboration between None and Hugh Erolsonowner of the Berlin design brand Acronym, in fact, Video posted on Instagram profile The company gives us a more realistic overview of Appearance and operation of the enclosure.

We’ve already seen from the first images that the component has a cylindrical shape, but now we’ve found that it has an open window that can be rotated to align with the panel that contains the actual earbuds, for easy extraction or re-insertion. A very special solution that moves away from the classic ones, which usually rely on a clamshell design (like AirPods are designed to be clear).

We leave you to the post with the video posted on Instagram, to remind you that the FCC recently provided a new image and interesting details about the batteries installed by Ear Sticks. More information below.


The new earbuds have been definitively confirmed in nature and we now know for sure that the name Ear Stick is no small case. Discovered thanks to the FCC certificate discovered by slash lexallowing us to see a new picture of the components (above) and discover new details about the properties.

The ear sticks feature the model number B157 and according to the documentation Each earphone will integrate a 36mAh batteryWhile the case will contain a 350 mAh battery. They will enjoy Bluetooth connection 5.2 It will integrate a USB Type-C charging port. We also have details of the dimensions of the case, which should be 140mm long and 32.5mm wide.

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