Nintendo NES, an operating system that turns a console into a personal computer | video

There was a time when 8-bit consoles dominated the home gaming scene and one of them more than anything else had the advantage of giving new life to the sector, let’s talk about Nintendo NESin Japan known as Famicom, which from 1983 until its retirement in 1995 managed to reach over 60 million units sold.

We plunged into the age of cartridges, where most gaming solutions didn’t need an operating system and games ran directly on hardware, except of course on home PCs like the Commodore 64, which was a separate category.

But the NES was a gaming machine and definitely not a productivity PC, but after many years someone wanted to prove otherwise. The Inkbox Programmer is developed NESOS graphic operating system for Nintendo console.

The operating system does not have a command line but goes directly to “GUI. Obviously, let’s not expect too much, because there are only two programs available in all respects. The first is the Settings app that allows the user to make various changes to the appearance and behavior of the operating system, and the second is A word processor that provides native extension support It’s only marketed in Japan, let’s talk about the semi-unknown family keyboard. You got it right, it’s a keyboard capable of making the system usable for typing.

Of course there are technical limitations that cannot be overcome and in this sense, the developer has worked real miracles. We’re only considering memory, so limited on the NES that it forces the team to load the entire operating system into RAM. NESOS fits in with 2K of NVRAM that retains data when the console is turned off, which is incredible. Can’t believe it? Here’s a video created by Ink Software that shows it in action.

The developer is no stranger to strange code projects that we can eventually define as true art forms. They previously created a fruit-based MMO in less than 40 hours, while staying on the Nintendo theme, they also produced a Super Mario hack that remade the game in the style of a Ming Dynasty tale, plus it wasn’t. Chinese word processor for Apple II.

Anyone who really wants can Download ROM compatible with NESOS emulator from Inkbox (at SOURCE), where more information about the project is also available.

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