Netflix, stop sharing passwords since the beginning of 2023

This is the excerpt from the letter sent to shareholders:

Finally, we’ve taken a thoughtful approach to monetizing account sharing and will start implementing it more widely Starting in early 2023. After listening to consumer reviews, we will introduce who accesses Netflix without owning the account the ability to transfer their Netflix profile to their personal accounts, And for those who share their accounts to manage their devices more easily Create sub accounts (Extra Member) If they want to pay family or friends. In countries with an ad-supported business plan, we expect the profile transfer option to be particularly popular.

So the newcomers are different, and everything will start officially and on a large scale at the beginning of 2023. To identify and understand them in the simplest way possible, let’s go back to the text above and analyze them piece by piece:

  • Goal: Monetizing account sharing And at the same time suppress the sharing of passwords
  • method:
    • Profile transfer, a function intended mainly for those who access the platform with someone else’s account: Users have the ability to transfer the profile to a new account without losing anything (history, favourites, settings, games)
    • Creating sub-accounts, through which the account owner can activate one or more sub-accounts of a friend or family member by directly managing the payment (all other functions are under the control of the sub-account)
  • Added to this is the plan by advertisement: taking into account the reduced monthly cost, it is expected that the “transfer profile” option will be widely used for this plan in the countries where activation is envisaged. There will be a maximum of 5 minutes of advertising per hour of broadcast. The basic plan will cost €5.49 per month in Italy and will be active from November 3.

Opening image credits: Pixabay

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