Netflix is ​​developing an AAA game for PC using the Unreal Engine

Netflix is ​​developing an AAA game for PC: The news is practically official, in the sense that there is a series of job postings on the portal dedicated to the broadcasting company that uses unmistakable terminology. Among other useful words for framing the initiative, it is worth noting Unreal Engine, live service, free-to-play, Third-person action RPG.

It seems quite obvious (and very predictable, after all) Netflix aspires to be a multi-format franchise It expands to different types of media: the storytelling must be “on the level of a Netflix TV series or movie,” and it must serve to expand the project toward “other formats” of content. Looking at it this way, the idea seems to be to use the game as a jumping off point, not build something for an already existing series. Of course, it must be pointed out that we are still in a very early stage, and still everything can change.

For some time now, Netflix has declared that it considers gaming as a very important part of expanding its subscribers. So far, the initiative has remained somewhat muted, or rather, we have continued to work on it Every precaution – Mobile games (Android and iOS) exclusive to their users with no ads and no in-app purchases, a kind of Apple Arcade connected to your Netflix account if you like.

However, last month the platform officially announced plans to “upgrade”Fittingly, with the founding of the Netflix Game Studio. The studio is located in Finland and is headed by the former vice president of Zynga. However, this new project must be developed by the American division, which was also announced a few weeks ago and is currently known as South California Game Studio. Heading up is Chacko Sonny, who worked as a producer on Overwatch for Blizzard.

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