Musk warns: Twitter is at risk of bankruptcy. Meanwhile, senior managers are leaving the company

The situation in Twitter is no less than confusingEqually confusing are the tweets of new owner Elon Musk who is sharing moments of euphoria with others who are deeply concerned about the future of the social network. Musk himself is so aware of the chaos that has engendered around the podium that he has put his hands on the messages he is predicting.”Twitter will do a lot of stupid things in the coming monthsA largely unconvincing signal. doubts of the $8 Blue subscription service. It raises: “We will keep what works and change what does not“.

October 28

Twitter, verified accounts for $8 a month: There

economy and market
November 02

Twitter loses the cut between mass layoffs and user flight

economy and market
November 04

Twitter, Elon Musk Announces Massive Revenue Drop

economy and market
November 04

Bankruptcy risks, managers staying away

Thus, betweenTwitter is the worst! But also the best“, opinion polls and reassurances that The social network has grown significantly since it was in chargeElon Musk starts talking about the company as one company Reality is on the verge of bankruptcy. The result was triple: a very confusing day, and Security Officer Yoel Roth resigns and notice from the FTC.

Twitter in financially unstable situationUnless revenue is increased, the new owner says, he will not survive the impending economic downturn. What is certain is the release of a major character like Yoel Roth – who now defines himself on Twitter Former Head of Trust and Safety at Twitter – This is not good for the company, considering that the former director himself exposed himself especially in recent days by updating users and the media about the attacks on the platform.

The diaspora of managers continues, in this case voluntary And not forcibly as at the moment of transfer of ownership. In addition to Roth, the most noteworthy cases are those of Chief Information Security Officer Leah Kesner, Chief Privacy Officer Damian Keran, and Compliance Director Marianne Fogarty.

FTC Eyes on Twitter

President Joe Biden also spoke about the Musk-Twitter issue, saying:Musk’s cooperation and technical relations with other countries are worth studying.and for now The FTC seems concernedAs the current situation may result in a violation of regulatory orders: Specifically for ongoing investigations, Washington PostThe platform security officers will resign from their posts.

Many in fact fear that the innovations that are being introduced so quickly these days on the social network and in the company contravene agreements made with the Federal Trade Commission on the occasion of the payment of the fine of 150 million dollars last May. The internal note will even report the engineers’ self-certification obligation to comply with FTC rules and privacy regulations. A very serious fact from a legal point of viewThis could put the lives of employees and the future of the company at risk.


After yesterday’s hiatus, the tweets are back on Twitter. The company informed that social is suitable for it Redistribution from government agencies and commercial activities. So there is a will to bring back the situation that has become difficult after the spread of fake accounts that, for 8 dollarsand pretending to be what they were, putting users’ safety at risk.

In this regard, Musk introduced the rule that Who does a parody with an account A tag must necessarily contain the word “parody” in its name that appears on the platform.

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