Multi-device WhatsApp is beta active on Android tablets and smartphones

there beta From WhatsApp for Android He has very interesting news regarding multi-device app management. In particular, some beta testers now have a display that offers the ability to Connect your Android tablet to your WhatsApp account. The first signs related to this job date back to last September.

The information is displayed within the i . section Connected devices once “bConnected eta devicesIf you are participating in the WhatsApp beta program and want to know if the functionality is also active for you, just download the latest version from the Play Store and check if, once you open the app from the tablet, a QR code appears. If so , you will be within lucky Beta testers who have already activated the option.

The display starts to appear Even on the first Android smartphones With WhatsApp beta installed (same version: So the messaging service has also started testing on smartphones: even in this case, to see if your account can be used on a second smartphone, just check the option view. Connect the device.

Having the same WhatsApp account on two smartphones means syncing your chat history: this However, it does not result in loss of end-to-end encryption. More features will be released as we get closer to the stable release. The maximum is Four devices connected simultaneously.

Opening image credits: Pixabay

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