MPEG-2 encoding has stopped as of December 20, and Samsung is preparing to shutdown

On October 7, confirmation arrived MPEG-2 encoding will be completely abandoned on December 20. Therefore, as of the next day, all broadcasts on digital land will be in MPEG-4 format. On the one hand, this will result in a necessary change by service providers, who will have to abandon the standard definition by the imposed date, and on the other hand, the consumer’s need to check whether in possession of -yet decoder. If not, you will need to buy a new device, or if you want to change your TV, the problem should not appear with newer models.

Confirmation of the date in the coming weeks will be followed by the launch of an information campaign whose main target will be the most vulnerable segments of the population, who in many cases find themselves in the possession of old receivers. As stated in the official communiqué of Confindustria.

Broadcasters, for their part, will also launch their own communication campaign to inform the population of the date of the complete discontinuation of MPEG-2, during which so-called “belts” of information will also be released on programs still broadcast with this technology. However, it is important that the relevant institutions agree on the date for the complete phase-out of MPEG-2 encoding and on the level of contact with citizens and other system companies involved in the process (eg equipment manufacturers and retailers). In short, everyone, companies and organizations, must do their part, always with the goal of leaving no one behind.

In this context, Samsung affirms its commitment with partners and organizations in supporting users, and promoting media and promotional campaigns aimed at accompanying consumers in the process of technological adaptation, with the aim of highlighting the advantages of using digital technologies in the lead.

In this regard, Samsung has activated a promotion dedicated to Those who decided to buy an OLED TV by October 30. With the purchase of the S95B OLED TV, the latest addition to Samsung’s Little above our review) and the first with QD-OLED technology, In fact, users will receive compensation of up to 500 euros. For more information, please refer to the Samsung Promotional Offers website (SOURCE).

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