Motorola Edge 30 Neo review: the prototype of a pop smartphone

Motorola recently got in on new gear, I’ve tried the Edge 30 Ultra, I have the Edge 30 Fusion here on my desk and the hero of this review is the Edge 30 Neo, it’s all products that have a lot to say, for a few different reasons. Neo is compact enoughIt’s very nice, it has a 120Hz OLED screen, stereo sound, fast charging and some compromises hidden under the hood which, however, allow the price list to fit.

I am sure that in the next few months, I am sure it will enter the pockets of many, and now I will try to explain why.


Quality design and manufacture

Some nice smartphones for me at first sight e Motorola Edge 30 New It is one of those, very compact, very light (155 grams), slim, almost symmetrical in the front tires and very fashionable in the Very berry color, is the color of the year set by Pantone. The American company also signed us with the classic color card on the rear chassis. There are four colors available, in addition to Very Peri there is a very refreshing aqua green, opaque black and silver gray.

It is made of plastic in both the frame and the back cover but Finishes are pleasantly coordinatedwith the right mix of satin and glossy and rounded corners but not too much, so as not to betray the family feel of the latest Edge 30. There is no IP certification but the smartphone is still splash and dust resistant.

I indicated in the packaging that you will find a hard plastic cover, which is very neat compared to the usual soft TPU. There is no pre-installed film, however, the anti-oil treatment is excellent. For recording, in addition to the hood, you’ll also find a 68W power supply, a Type-C cable, and a pair of wired headphones.


The Motorola Edge 30 Neo screen is a screen 6.3 inch P-OLED with a resolution of 20:9 at 120Hz, with a resolution of 2400 x 1080the screen is very bright and easily readable even outdoors thanks to the peak brightness touching 1000 nits, the color accuracy is not perfect, with a certain tendency to green over gray, but overall in reference to the price range we are facing from the best solutions, certainly for lighting.

The refresh rate is managed automatically Or in forced mode at 60 or 120 Hz. Auto tuning isn’t always perfect, especially since it often remains charming at 90Hz even when it drops to at least 60Hz, in AOD instead it behaves right, maybe with the update software Motorola will be able to calibrate everything in a final way.

Multimedia and audio

The sound is stereo which is amazing considering the size (and price) of the smartphone, the two speakers are powerful, full and well-balanced left and right. There are also many Dolby Atmos EQ settings that are fully supported. Bluetooth is in version 5.1 and I haven’t had any particular problems.

Obviously the multimedia part also depends on the screen, as we said the brightness is high but the calibration especially on gray is not very accurate, moreover, support for HDR videos is completely missing, which is a bit punishing.


Motorola Edge 30 Neo arrives with Android 12 and security patch on September 1, 2022, and the company provides 2 major Android updates and 3 years of security patches for this model.

Motorola customization is always very efficient in my opinion, all the extra features compared to the pure version of Android can be found inside the Moto app, from gestures to customization, going through the beautiful Moto screen (always sophisticated and very convenient).

Surprisingly, I also found a way Ready for Available in this case only via wireless, as video output on the Type-C port is not supported.

data sheet

  • Show: 6.28 inch pOLED, 20:9, Full HD + (419 ppi) at 120 Hz
  • chip: Snapdragon 695, octa core with 6nm production process, max frequency 2.2GHz
  • memories: 8 GB of RAM, 128 or 256 GB of storage
  • cameras:
    • Main rear wide: 64 MP, f/1.8 aperture, optical image stabilization (OIS)
    • Ultra Wide + Macro Rear: 13 MP, 120° Optical Vision, f / 2.2
    • Video: Full HD at 60fps, slow-motion in Full HD at 120fps
    • Front: 32 MP, f/2.4, Full HD video at 60 fps
  • Connection: Dual SIM (5G + 5G), 5G, Wi-Fi ac, Bluetooth 5.1, GPS, AGPS, LTEPP, SUPL, Glonass, Galileo, USB-C 3.1, NFC
  • My voice: Stereo, tuned by Dolby Atmos, 3 microphones
  • the battery: 4.020 mAh
  • Shipping: 68W TurboPower (included), 5W Cordless
  • impermeability: IP52
  • user interface: My UX based on Android 12
  • size: 152.9 x 71.2 x 7.75 mm
  • Weight: 155g

user experience

Here I repeat the speech I gave Motorola Edge 30 UltraWith this latest set of smartphones, The winged house made sure to balance the specifications as best as possible, and avoid sacrificing key points such as autonomy, charging, display, sound, design and build quality. Looking at the specs, the camera section should also be added (OIS, no unnecessary cameras, AF on super speed), however we will see that the photographic performance is not quite the top and I think partly the problem is in the A real compromise for the Motorola Edge 30 Neo, SoC.

We’ve already met this Snapdragon 695 processor in the past and it hasn’t really made a great impression on me. Here I will confirm it, it is a relatively modern processor but in terms of graphics it struggles, performance is not stellar and above all on the part of the ISP it leaves something to be desired that will negatively affect what could already be respectable imaging hardware.

The two images below were taken using the Edge 30 Neo and Edge 30 Fusion, the same sensor on a very different SoC.

View in full screen mode

I think there is room for performance improvement, which is not bad per se, but the smartphone is often a bit indecisive, not very reactive to inputs, as if it was calibrated conservatively. Things get better by activating the 2GB RAM expansion, but an upgrade can give it the boost it needs. Sure, part of that drag feeling comes down to not-so-quick memories, UFS 2.1 definitely there for the price list, but it’s probably a bottleneck.

Pay attention, with this I am not saying that it is impossible to play for example, or that you will necessarily find it awkward, it all depends on your needs and expectations.

Phone part and delivery

It takes it well, it manages two nanoSIM devices in a meticulous way, which also allows you to set work or private profiles or choose the best SIM automatically based on the call history of different contacts.

No problem on WiFi, which unfortunately does not support the 6 and 6e standard, as well as GPS and NFC.

APTIC sensors and feedback

The fingerprint reader is perfect, very fast and accurate, and also the brightness and proximity sensor is effective in their task, only I noticed a minimum brightness not too low, to the point that I often had to resort to the “screen dimming” function of Android 12, which nevertheless requires manual activation.

The haptic feedback isn’t exactly at the top, but on the other hand, we’re in a price range where it’s impossible to find products that stand out favorably on this particular element, perhaps only removed from the Google Pixel 6a.

Independence and recharge

The battery unit is 4,020 mAh which is not a lot in an absolute sense, but we are considering the dimensions and weight of the Motorola Edge 30 Neo. But the truth is that Perhaps the most amazing thing about a smartphone is the independenceYou arrive in the evening quietly with at least 5 hours of active viewing, and actually go above and beyond with a little interest.

I remind you of the way Motorola has set the automatic management of the refresh rate and possibly some parameters of the SoC: the engineers are well aware that they do not have a large margin in terms of power capacity, and therefore have made a place where it was possible. Check the goal.

Charging 68 wattsYou can’t ask for the best because the power supply is included in the package and there’s also 5W wireless charging, very slow but there.


The main camera of the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra contains a file 64 MP sensor which should be Samsung Isocell GW3, the condition is a must but can be inferred from the specifications issued by the house, accompanied by Optical Mount Lens. there Ultrafast is 13MP with autofocus and 120° field of view.

The choice of device is a little odd, a low-end sensor but adorned with optical stabilization and ultra-wide with autofocus, which many products that cost more than doubled do not have.

results like this, in the day in general you can not complain even if you notice some difficulties in the highlights, at night the quality drops quickly even by activating the night mode. Therefore, it is not a smartphone with photo quality, even considering it within its reference range. And I have said that it is certainly not insufficient and I am convinced that most of its buyers will be satisfied, on the other hand around 300 euros, which is the price I would recommend, you can’t expect magic. Selfies don’t look great but they are average for the price range.

I haven’t had time to scan the Gcam database to find a fully compatible version, but I think some working versions exist and can also give you great satisfaction.

The video quality is very low, both in terms of image display and in terms of stabilization. Unfortunately here the processor puts a hand in, we max out at FullHD at 60fps but anyway the resolution isn’t the main issue.


Motorola Edge 30 Neo is a smartphone that I like in almost everything And that’s almost part of the game anyway if purchased at the right price. Something small I found a lot of positives and only two sacrificesSoC that leads to an unexciting performance and a photo sector, which again could be better, despite being quite interesting on paper.

With the Snapdragon 778G+ and a different sensor in the main sensor, it was possible to recommend a smartphone with your eyes closed, even at higher numbers. However, unfortunately, these two aspects limit it a bit and require more than anything else more attention to the price.

I doubt he’ll stay there for a long time, but he’ll stay there for a long time List price 429 euros There are more physical products out there, Pixel 6a above all, but around 300 instead it has become a practically perfect product for most people, real smart phone. And I say this from experience, because The Motorola Edge 30 Neo has all those features that people always expect when they ask me for advice.

Note: Take a look at the prices box, it is no coincidence that I said that there will be very little left in the list price.

Motorola Edge 30 New


Voting, pros and cons


Motorola Edge 30 Neo is available online from Eprice a 332. To see the other 45 shows, click here.

(Updated Oct 22, 2022, 09:20 a.m.)

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