Moto Watch 70 surprisingly debuts in Canada, without Wear OS!

It seems that a new smartwatch from Motorola called Moto Watch 70 could appear on the market, we are talking about a device that managed to escape from the tight links of leakers and about which we knew nothing until today. However, the device has appeared under the Best Buy chain in Canada (in SOURCE), anticipating any official announcement.

The Moto Watch line has been further enriched by the expansion with a new model, and although the device is only listed and not available for purchase, we can immediately get an idea of ​​what to expect thanks to the first published features, as well as being able to see it up close in the first available image. in the head.

Let’s start with the Apple Watch-like design considering the adoption of a 1.69-inch rectangular screen, all housed in a sleek black zinc case. The watch also features an extension The degree of water resistance is IP67there Heart rate monitoring It can also be implemented Oxygen saturation measurement in the blood. In addition to hosting other sensors that are not better described, we also find an unclear sensor GPS unitespecially with regard to the price.

The specs list mentions support for both Android and iOS, as well as having a capable battery 10 days Under typical use conditions e 14 hours max with continuous fitness tracking and active GPS. Additionally, the description frames it as a device with distinct fitness features.

Achieve your fitness goals with the advanced features of the Moto Watch 70 from Motorola. Designed to display your active lifestyle, it measures your health, activity level, steps, and other important information so you can track your progress. It has 23 sports modes to support all your activities and connects directly to your smartphone for convenient notifications.

Apparently Moto Watch 70 will host a proprietary operating system, adopts a solution similar to the one we have already seen with the Moto Watch 100, which will be launched at the end of 2021 in the United States. And we conclude with the price that is according to 99 Canadian dollars shown in the price list, 75 euros in exchange, they tell us that the device will be within everyone’s reach. There is no information about a possible launch in other markets and it is not certain that it could reach Europe, but we will follow developments and update you if necessary.

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