Mobilize Duo, the heir to Twizy’s electric quad bike

Electric quad bikes They are becoming an increasingly popular means of urban commuting. In this regard, we cannot fail to mention the success of the Citroen Ami. Currently, crowdthe business unit of the Renault group that deals with mobility services, decided that Suggest Mobilize DuoAn electric quad bike will be present at the Paris Motor Show and aims to Become the heir to Renault Twizy.

This vehicle will also be offered in a dedicated version for professional operators which will be called Bento. Let’s see the main details shared so far.

Designed for the city

The Mobilize Duo is a quad bike designed, obviously, for exclusive use in the urban environment. Being 100% electric, it will be able to reach the low-emission areas that are developing in most large cities. There are two suggested versions. In the beginning, Duo up to 45 km/h And it can be paid from 14 years old (AM license is sufficient). In the second, however, the quad bike Up to 80 km/h top speed. In this case, you need a driver’s license B. The electric motor is mounted in the rear and the motor is in the rear. Duo With a range of 140 km (WMTC).

As for the design, Mobilize says it drew inspiration from the world of video games, with a nod to the ’80s and ’90s. crowd scale binary It is 2.43 meters long, 1.30 meters wide and 1.46 centimeters high. Thanks to its size, it is possible to park three double points vertically in one standard parking space, with minimal space. Environmentally friendly design and the search for sobriety were at the heart of the Duo’s development: a goal of over 50% recycled materials in production and 95% of the vehicle being recycled at the end of its life.

This electric quad bike features a Tubular structure and has plastic body panels (Polypropylene) unpainted. Front and rear fenders are identical to reduce manufacturing and repair costs. Special grit-sized plastic is designed for fenders and under the body to reduce wear marks and make scratches invisible. The Duo features two large glass side doors that open vertically, allowing users to always exit on the right side of the road or easily between two parked vehicles. LED lighting system. In addition, there are many accessories that allow you to customize this electric quad bike.

The quad bike offers two seats. They will be suggested Two ultra-resistant TEP upholstery. The Duo’s cockpit is designed to be extremely durable. In addition, it washes off easily. The driver’s seat slides 20 cm to facilitate access to the rear seat. There are two large stowage compartments on either side of the front seat for transporting two trolleys into the cabin. A specific setting is available for people with reduced mobility. In fact, the car can accommodate a foldable wheelchair and is equipped with a set of steering wheel controls.

The Duo is also equipped with a smartphone keyless access and ignition system. There is no shortage of OTA updates. how can I buy Duo crowd? For private Duo customers, Mobilize will suggest Flexible subscriptions 3 months rent. For professional Duo clients, long-term lease agreements will be envisaged through Mobilize Financial Services. Available from end of 2023.

Pinto movement

For the world of work, Mobilize Duo Become Mobilize Bento. This electric quad bike has a locked box in the back instead of a passenger seat. In the optimal setting, it is allowed to obtain a file Useful volume about 700 liters. The presence of a hatch allows you to carry long items on the right side of the driver. In-house fixtures will be offered to meet the various needs and uses of professional operators, such as tool-arranging units.

Bento will be offered for long-term lease to professional operators starting in 2024.

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