Microsoft, positive numbers despite the moment. And the bills take 800 million

Microsoft I posted financial results From the first fiscal quarter of 2023 (for those who aren’t familiar with this kind of issue: we’re not crazy, fiscal year and solar year can be separated), from which it shows how the company has done Its sales volume is 50 billion dollars and make Net profit of $17.6 billion.

The good news is only half, because if on the one hand The first is up 11% while the second is down 14%.. But the fact that Microsoft can still talk about profit, after the downturn, is certainly good news in regards to the dark red that consumer electronics have to contend with due to the combined effect of inflation and a sporadic supply of goods. Analysts raised the alarm immediately after the invasion of Ukraine, as the image of IDC in the third quarter (solar, which coincides with the first quarter of 2023 for Microsoft) confirmed the deep suffering faced by the sector.

he is decreased So too Profit from royalties PC makers pay Microsoft to install Windows on their products: the fewer devices there are, the lower (by 15%) the revenue. But if you look at pre-pandemic levels, the landscape is less bleak. “Although PC shipments declined during the quarter, Windows usage is on the rise.” CEO Satya Nadella said he was talking about the financial trend, before explaining that compared to pre-Covid levels, there The number of active Windows PCs per month which is over about 20%.

October 26

Ratio current context Instead, the outlook is not good, despite the boost that the new surface should guarantee (here are the provisions of the first international reviews). The Microsoft’s second quarter forecast, Which, moreover, coincides with what is traditionally the golden age of electronics thanks to Black Friday and Christmas shopping, draw Biggest drop in profits, about 30%. The mix between demand and power has been partially balanced by the performance of services, cloud, and servers. Microsoft explained that cloud alone had sales of nearly $26 billion (+24% year-over-year), Microsoft 365 subscriptions 61 million (+13%), LinkedIn contributed 17% and advertising +16%.

The energy crisis cost $800 million

there decrease in profits, which are already in existence but will take on larger dimensions in the near future, exacerbated by the ‘turnover’ energy crisis. Microsoft has estimated that in 2022 the additional energy costs will make up a total that will be exceeded by Amy Hood, according to CFO 800 million dollars, not a small number that will affect operating margins. Separating the calendar from the fiscal year will help spread out the higher costs and impact margins over two years, but apart from the technical aspects of a financial nature, it’s certainly a problem for the company (and not only, but it’s another story).

Hood explained that a large part of the amount comes from Activities in the European market Where the energy reached record numbers. The war in Ukraine has exacerbated some of the increases that were in any case caused by the production race that the industry was called into after the Covid “hiatus” in 2020 and the recovery in consumption.

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