Microsoft Edge 106 saves more battery power

Microsoft Edge was recently updated with a file New Efficiency Mode: The feature, which you can imagine allows the browser to save energy and thus increase the overall autonomy of your Windows (or macOS) laptop, was first introduced with Edge 101 a few months ago, but has been further improved and improved with the release of Edge 106 It happened recently. If the first iteration is limited to consuming fewer system resources (allowing you to get an average of 25 minutes of battery life on Surface devices), the second iteration is more complex, aggressive, and user-adjustable at the same time. The technology is organized as follows:

  • Balanced savings

    • Battery powered PC, high residual charge: Moderate power-saving measures will have little effect on your browsing experience.
    • Battery powered computer, low percentage of charge remaining: more decisive actions can have a huge impact on the user experience, for example the videos they take. A notification icon appears in the toolbar, representing a beating heart

  • Maximum savings

    • Any level of residual charge: the same procedures described in the point directly above.

Efficiency mode can also be activated when the laptop is connected to a power source; You can choose the most aggressive or moderate profile. Of course it is important to keep in mind that the functionality has flaws in the user experience, so it should only be used when it makes sense and you need to extend the autonomy of your system in some way.

The new efficiency mode is being phased out: Updating to Edge 106 is a necessary but not sufficient condition. We don’t know how quickly the company intends to complete it. Microsoft is not lopsided about how much autonomy gains can be expected with this new release.

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