Microsoft 365, official video showing the app that will replace Office

Microsoft 365 Invited to inherit Desk: This isn’t just a rebranding, as the app that will replace the historic collection was announced at the Ingnite 2022 event in an all-new look, enriched with tools and features to improve customization, productivity, and engagement. a Video posted on YouTube From the company Redmond now lets us take a first look at its graphics, renewed icons and some of its features.

The first Microsoft 365 becomes a file real hub, welcomes in one place all the tools you need to work individually and in a team, even remotely. Here we will actually find tAll Microsoft apps, third-party apps, and even those developed by your company. Also in Microsoft 365, you’ll be able to easily find files shared with each individual contact, have quick access to recent files and find personalized recommendations through the Microsoft Graph.

You will also have the opportunity to create new content starting with suggested templates, as well as organize your work and Consult feed To receive updates from the people you follow.

Obviously you can’t expect much from a video of less than a minute, but this is the right opportunity to get an initial idea of ​​what lies ahead.”In the coming months. Meanwhile, Google and Apple have Update the name of an Office app For respective operating systems: The name is now on Play Store and App Store Office (Microsoft 365). In short, another small sign of things that are about to change. At the moment, however, the features of the app have not yet been updated.

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