Microlino, the expansion of the electric microcar range: the arrival of the Lite version

The range of the Microlino, the small electric vehicle (quad bike) that we’ve talked about many times in the past, is increasing. In fact, al Paris Motor Show 2022 has been introduced Microlino Light. This is a version designed for young people. indeed it is L6e . has been approved And up to Maximum speed 45 km/h. No other technical characteristics have been shared. We just know that this model will stand out from the others for some custom aesthetic detail. A model, therefore, that will enter into direct competition with the small Citroen Ami.

However, production will only start in 2023. price Not reported but will be lower than other variants homozygous for L7e. In this regard, we remind you that this electric quad bike is currently available in various configurations with 12.5 kW, 6 kWh and 10.5 kWh engines and 14 kWh batteries for a range of 91 km, 177 km and 230 km. Italian market prices start at 14,990 euros for the urban version with a 6 kWh battery.

At the exhibition, the Swiss manufacturer also presented Microlino Spiaggina Concept. It is a special model that should be produced from the summer of 2023 in a small numbered series. For its appearance, the Swiss company was inspired by the “Dolce Vita” years. This particular version has specific aesthetic characteristics. For example, we have blue and white striped fabric ceiling and interior with wooden trim. Also in this case there are no indications of the possible price of the future limited edition.

Remember that Microlino It is produced in Italy Specifically at the CECOMP headquarters in La Loggia, Turin.

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