Meta Quest Pro we tried it in preview: that’s the point

A few days ago we arrived at Visit the Meta offices in London Spend some time on the new Meta Quest Pro, the best renderer in the range that will hit the market in a few days. The high price is undoubtedly the biggest question mark left open since the end of the presentation, so in our preview we want to try to accurately answer this question: Who is MetaQuest Pro for? Let’s find out together!

A few tips about tech news

Before delving into this aspect, it’s a good idea to give a quick summary of the specs’ technical specifications, or rather highlight the changes compared to the Quest 2 (which we reviewed at launch) which was already on the market a few years ago. The center points of the new headset are three: the new hardware platform, the new design and the Meta Quest Touch Pro controllers.

For the datasheet, we find one under the body Snapdragon XR2 +around her 12 GB of RAM And 256 GB of storage which is used to support the new work10 sensors dedicated to MR / VR detection functions. Added to this are the spatial sound systems and the inclusion of a new generation of lenses and displays compared to the previous model.

We are in front of two screens Quantum dot LCD screenEquipped with 500 local dimming zones and one 37% higher pixel density Compared to Quest 2, all filtered By the new Pie ​​lenses that can now be freely adjusted to adjust Interpupillary distance between 55 and 75 mm And to bring them closer or further away, you can also wear a pair of glasses. The new device also includes an update for the external cameras, which now enable the function color cross It has a definition four times higher than that of the previous model.

These innovations also directly affect the design of the renderer, which is now much thinner at the front – by 40% compared to Quest 2 Thanks to the use of Pancake lenses. The helmet is also more balanced as we find The battery in the rear rangeSo it is no longer incorporated into the central body (and has an autonomy of about 2 hours depending on the type of use).

To finish this quick hardware review, we mention the presence of the new consoles Meta Quest Touch Pro Right in the box, they deliver the biggest revamp in viewer user experience since launch. Yes, because these are equipped with 3 cameras and Snapdragon 662 SoC which allows each controller to independently determine its location in space, So without any dead end.

Among other innovations, we refer to the adoption of a new generation of tactile actuators that give more accurate feedback and the possibility of installing tips at the base of the consoles in order to turn them into real virtual pens within a VR environment. Meta Quest touch Pro is equipped with a built-in battery that ensures this About 8 hours of use And it can be recharged using the base included in the package, which also allows you to recharge the projector itself, for the use of a single cable.

But let’s move on to the user experience: What brings the new MetaQuest Pro?

Field testing: How is visitor usage changing

It is immediately noticeable that the sights are not closed to the sidesthus allowing those who use the helmet Not completely isolated from the outside world. However, in the package we find accessories that allow you to partially close the view to improve the experience when using pure VR applications and a mask capable of isolating it more effectively will be sold separately.

This makes us understand it right away Meta Quest Pro is not a product designed primarily for gaming, but is primarily intended to offer devices that are explicitly designed to use augmented and mixed reality content. Meta has just assured us that the intention is not to isolate the user from their true space, but to increase their potential.

In all this, the new color transit mode plays an essential role, and is very effective in reproducing the external environment and in giving us the right sense of depth. The increased resolution of the displays helps, but we’re not yet at a level where we can’t tell if we’re wearing a helmet or not, however The progress since Quest 2 is awesome.

During testing, we were able to test only two apps, one of them Updated version of Horizon Workrooms And the Arquewhich is a new application designed for Architects and video game developers.

We don’t talk much about workroomsbecause in the end it’s an experience improvement that we’ve already talked about here on the HDblog pages, so let’s talk about the usual app designed to make Meetings held in virtual reality are more interactive and tactile.

The new sensors in the Meta Quest Pro allow us to do this Let our photo express all our facial expressions captured in real time, while eye tracking allows us to maintain direct eye contact with the interlocutor. These are the main innovations of the Workrooms app on Quest Pro which added the ability to use the new Meta Quest Touch Pro controllers to write on a virtual whiteboard with precision simply impossible for Quest 2 controllers and receive haptic feedback. Convincing thanks to the new actuators found in the consoles.

The most interesting thing is that the new consoles can also be purchased separately for you to use with the Quest 2 (it costs €349.99), so Even owners of the current generation viewer will be able to take advantage of its greater accuracyThanks to a new tracking system that uses cameras placed on the controllers, and improved vibration.

But the experience that allowed us to better understand the purpose of the Meta Quest Pro was the one we tested with the second app, Arque.

Imagine you found yourself In a 3D environment with one or more classmateswhose avatars are displayed to you in real time in the same place, so that you can Work together to design a room, a house or even a citywe will create every structure with it True aspect ratio 1: 1So, to be able to track a wall, to know its exact length expressed in metres, to be able to collaborate in real time in the modeling of the environment. Here, Arkio aims to do exactly that, and that is Become a real shared virtual architecture studio.

The advantages are enormous, especially since this makes it possible to see in real time all the effects of each individual change, how it makes a particular environment, and even how it is immersed in the context of the city, but it does not end there. Yes, because the application also uses the pass system to allow you to do so Change the room you are in. For example, you need to add a wall, try to change the arrangement of furniture, etc. – Meta Quest Pro provides the perfect tool for this type of work.

Everything produced with Arkio can then be exported to major professional 3D modeling and design applications (including many CADs etc.), so that the experience is not limited to virtual and mixed reality, but to make it more tangible context. It is in such scenarios Shows all the capabilities of tools like Quest Probreaking free from the simple gaming segment that previous products of the Quest line were limited to.

For whom is this?

Of course, there is still the possibility to use the entire library of Quest gamesbut it is clear that the purpose of such a device is expensive and strange Not an evolution of Quest 2 (who still well-known teacher for independent consumer virtual reality), but to go and talk to every audience of professionals who are able to reap real added value from the collaborative working methods that virtual and augmented reality can offer. Therefore, the requested 1,800 euros takes on a different meaning if you look at the viewer as a professional toolin direct competition with other offerings such as HoloLens, which have a higher price tag.

There are still many doubts to reveal, but this first contact with the Quest Pro (you can learn more about the details on the official Meta website) gave us positive feelings, always on the condition that we consider it in the right way, that is, with a device designed for the professional world. Then you may find some specifications of the new projector space On the virtual Meta Quest 3 that will talk to playersBut that’s a topic for next year at least.


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