Meta Quest 3 revealed by the first CAD: here are the first details

Meta Connect is around the corner and this should be a chance to discover the new Meta Quest Pro – which has already been shown live – but the company also appears to have another renderer in store, the Meta Quest 3. The Quest 3 should inherit some features as well. which currently belongs – in rumors – to the Pro version, to be offered in a lower price range in the face of some compromise. To give us some information about it, user and knowledgeable user Bradley Lynch has posted a full analysis of Quest 3 in his latest video, based on some of the CAD files he obtained. So let’s see what the true successor of Meta Quest 2 will offer us (here is our review). META QUEST 3 NEWS As we can see from the joint offerings, the viewer will have a more compact design than Quest 2, without however, it will adopt extreme lines like those of the Quest Pro. Compared to the latter, we find the same type of lens, while the gaze and face tracking system seems to be completely absent. It also looks like we’ll see the return of a system of physical adjustment of the interpupillary distance, in order to make the viewer more suitable for as many users as possible. And we will continue to offer support for the 3.5-inch audio jack, while the device could be based on the alleged Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 platform, with memory cuts that could go up to 12 GB of RAM and 512 GB of internal memory. Another very interesting detail, and this is the potential support for the so-called Project Razor, or Meta platform dedicated to cloud gaming in VR, so that the viewer can overcome the limits of hardware and offer gaming experiences at the end of the range. Obviously, this functionality should be supported by excellent connectivity It is not yet clear how Meta intends to present it, but more details will come in the cycle or 2023, when Quest 3 hits the market. VR AIR BRIDGE ALSO ARRIVES BY D-LINK Before concluding, we point out that D-Link has published the official page dedicated to the new VR Air Bridge DWA-F18, a Wi-Fi – WiFi USB 3.2 Gen 1 Adapter – with WPA3 encryption – which will let you Take advantage of Oculus Air Link technology. So it’s a peripheral designed to facilitate wireless communication between the Meta Quest 2 (and backgrounds) while being used in its role as a PC viewer. Currently there are no details on pricing and availability, but it is expected that a D-Link dongle will be available in the days following Meta Connect , so we’ll have to wait for the event to find out all the details about the addon and actual compatibility (at the moment we’re only talking about Quest 2).

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