Meta completely abandons Facebook Portal and smartwatch project

Half He says Goodbye to gate devices and smart watches. This was announced by the company that owns Facebook, explaining that a deep review of the company’s structure is underway, and with a cut of 13% of the workforce equivalent to 11,000 people, it is expected to reduce the size of the technical projects in progress.

For Portal, fate already seemed closed: last summer there was talk of reformatting smart displays to be exclusively for users. BusinessNow the cut looks sharper. Basically, the project ends here since”It would have taken a long time with many investments to get into the enterprise sectorAndrew Bosworth, Chief Technology Officer, explains.

Most of the laid-offs were covered technology rolesThus, there is a lack of resources to further develop smart displays as well as smartwatches, which Meta has been working on in recent times. Reality Labs You will now focus exclusively on augmented reality glasses for Metaverse.

In the company, some divisions – for example the division of voice calls and video calls with others that deal with messages – will be merged and a new division called Family Foundations will be created. For now, says Meta, No further increases are expected Instead, work will be done to reduce costs in real estate and IT infrastructure.

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