McLaren, there may actually be an electric SUV in the future

For some time there has been talk about the possibility of that McLaren It can come to make electric SUVs. Now, in an interview with the CEO Michael Letters, new information emerges showing that the English brand may already be working on this project even if nothing is official yet. The model that, however, Not expected to reach the market before 2026.

Former CEO Mike Flewitt was against the McLaren SUV. On the other hand, the new CEO thinks differently because a similar model could help the British brand re-launch after the problems it faced. A “super SUV” would make sense given the commercial successes of models such as the Lamborghini Urus. according to Continuing financial difficulties From McLaren, the SUV could be a profitable option.

For Michael Letters, McLaren can be a profitable brand, but it is essential to make it happen See also other market segments.

Why not offer something for a completely different purpose without negating your brand’s DNA? I think there are very good examples on the market that have shown how this works.

It’s clear that a McLaren SUV, to stay true to the brand’s DNA, has to be a model Focuses on lightness. A speech we already heard from Lotus before introducing its electric SUV. For this, McLaren will work out how to do it Made of carbon fiber frame Larger than those used in its current supercars.

McLaren is no stranger to electrified cars. However, when talking about electricity, the CEO says that for now, this technology is not good for supercars due to the weight of the batteries. Speech varies for other vehicle types such as SUVs. Moreover, for Leiters it will be very important to have an advanced software architecture that will allow you to make the most of the capabilities of the car.

With a background in Ferrari and Porsche, Litter probably “imagines” an electric SUV for McLaren, even if he hasn’t explicitly confirmed the project’s existence. Therefore, it seems to understand that McLaren is already moving in that direction even if the business is, for now, only at the beginning. Therefore, all that remains is to wait for more news to arrive about the potential electric SUV of the English brand.

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