Matter 1.0, the home automation standard is finally available

Although its arrival has been marred by delays and delays, the standard protocol that will pave the way for future smart homes, Matter, is taking its first steps into reality. Some signs have emerged in the past few days thanks to the growing number of new devices that have indicated official support for the standard. some examples? The futuristic smart hub Ikea Dirigera, or the newer Nest Wifi Pro from today, is on pre-sale at the Google Store. But now, the Communication Standards Alliance (CSA) has released the Matter 1.0 specification and launched a compatible product certification program. Device manufacturers are now free to adopt technology aimed at eliminating the compatibility issues and connectivity difficulties that often plague commercial solutions. Matter’s main goal is to simplify all configuration processes, leaving users the pleasure of enjoying their connected home. The dream of a standard capable of making products of different brands work within one ecosystem seemed a utopia until a few years ago, but now it is about to come true. The technology is based on a combination of WiFi, Bluetooth LE and smart mesh whose connections will be simplified thanks to a protocol called Thread, and now that the specifications are finalized, we should see an increase in devices in the coming months. Matter’s launch event, scheduled for November 3, will almost certainly show the first simulations with products in an advanced stage of development (the ones mentioned above for example). The invitation states that there will be a beta area where companies will be able to showcase their Matter-certified devices. Major tech companies have already signed up to support the standard and among them are Amazon, Apple, Google, LG, Samsung (via SmartThings), and Signify (Philips Hue). Obviously the 1.0 specification will not be a panacea for all evils and further developments will be needed, but it will be the first step to open up the possibility of purchasing devices from different brands for users, and out of the need to remain anchored in a well-defined ecosystem. It should also be remembered that the current material specification covers only a limited number of classes of devices. CSA said it is developing specifications for more devices, including popular categories like security cameras and robotic vacuum cleaners, but at launch, compatible devices will be limited to smart light bulbs, fixtures, sockets, smart switches, smart thermostats and other controls. Smart blinds, smart sensors, connected locks, and multimedia devices, including televisions. Smartphone apps such as the Google Home app and the Apple Home app will also be considered as important controllers. Bridges can also be certified by Matter to bring their connected products into the global ecosystem. In this regard, we conclude with great news that, according to Signify, owner of Philips Hue, the Smart Lighting Control Bridge will be upgraded to Matter, allowing its lights to be controlled by any Matter controller without the need to purchase new hardware.

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