Mammals, the series with James Corden is coming to Prime Video in November

Prime Video revealed the official teaser and new photos of Mammals, the highly anticipated original British series born from the mind of award-winning screenwriter Jez Butterworth and starring a Tony, Emmy, and BAFTA Award winner James Corden. In this dark comedy drama, discoveries and secrets about modern life as a married couple and fidelity resurface. In a world of eight billion people, what happens after we find a “soul mate”? Can we keep promises we made when, after all, we’re not all mammals? The answers to these questions From November 11 release day Mammals on Prime Video. By the way, have you already watched this month’s Prime Video releases? Otherwise we suggest that they follow, then summary Mammals And the latest details.

Mammals follows the story of Jimmy (James Corden), a chef whose world collapses when he discovers shocking secrets about his pregnant wife Amandine (Millia Creling). Jimmy searches for answers with the help of his brother-in-law Jeff (Colin Morgan). This research also expands on the fractures in the marriage between Jeff and Jimmy Lowe’s sister (Sally Hawkins). The six-episode series, written by two-time Oliver Award-winner Tony and Jeez Butterworth, explores the intricacies of marriage, heartbreak, stress, love, friendship, betrayal, and a touch of magical realism.

The series is directed by Stephanie Laing (Made for Love, Physicist) and produced by Street Hustle in collaboration with Vertigo Films and Fulfill 73. The original British series will be available worldwide exclusively on Prime Video from November 11. We just have to leave you with the first teaser.

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