Long-term rent in Italy, in the first 9 months of 2022 + 11.1%

Long-term rental has become a growing solution in Italy to owning a car. The growth of this market has been significantly confirmed by the analysis conducted by the United Nations in collaboration with Mims (Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility). As reported, in the first nine months of 2022, 445,530 long-term lease contracts were signed, equivalent to With a growth rate of 11.1% compared to 2021. However, the average duration was reduced from 23 to 20 months.

Italian rental data

The report says that of the 445,530 contracts, 15.3% were taken by individualsA figure in line with 2021. The bulk of the contracts, 68.4%, were stipulated by “companies not related to cars”. On the other hand, long-term rental companies are up to 6.7%, three times their volumes as of 2021 (nearly 29,700 registered vehicles). The share of agents increased from 3.6% to 3.9%. Finally, the share of short-term rental companies (NBT) decreased from 7.6% to 5.8%.

Looking at trends by quarter, from the first of 2021 to the third of 2022, the non-automotive corporate channel – after the peak of the first quarter – showed a steady downward trend. Private users also peaked in the first quarter of 2022, subsequently positioning themselves around the typical 15% share. The most consistent growth, as previously highlighted, pertains to NLT companies with a roughly vertical upward trend through 2022, exceeding 10% in the third quarter. On the other hand, NBT companies reached their peak in the third quarter of 2021, thus corresponding to the summer period, with a share of 11%, but this exploitation has not been repeated this year.

Favorite diesel engine

The study conducted by UNUNAE in collaboration with MIMS also highlights Diesel models are the most in demand Albeit with a decreasing share. However, non-automotive companies take precedence with 64.7% of preferences. The channel in which the gasoline engine keeps pace with diesel is that of NBT companies where the share is increasing (34.2%). HEV Hybrids grow 25.3% for dealers and manufacturers, 23.8% for NBT, 21.1% for individuals, 18.4% for NLT and 15.4% for non-Italian companies.

For plugins, the report says these models are growing in NLT (10.4%), Merchants and Builders (6%), and Corporate (5.5% vs. 4.7%) while decreasing among individuals (9.2%) and Leasing NBT. (1.2%). Not good, however, electric Land loss everywhere, except for NLT.

Sedans prevail among NBT (49%), NLT (45.9%), dealers and builders (48.3%), while private individuals prefer crossovers (41.1%), as was also estimated by NBT (39, 9%) and non-owned businesses. related to cars (30.7%). The three regions with the highest proportions of long-term leases to individuals are always Calabria (39.3%), Puglia (31.5%) and Campania (31.2%), with the provinces at the top of the ranking. Naples (31.6%)%) and Bari (28.4%) Where high insurance costs weigh in.

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