LG Flex and G2 evo up for sale, record-breaking OLED TV costs $3000 and $25,000!

Remember the Flex LX3? It is the LG TV that was presented at the beginning of September at IFA, and it is the world’s first 42-inch foldable OLED TV. Well, the South Korean company announced its marketing at CEDIA Expo 2022, with the first units ready to ship as early as October. price? $2,999. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that it can be a curved or flat TV, just a button to “customize” it by choosing up to 20 different levels of folding (5% degrees) up to 900R. And the price is almost “reasonable”, if we recall how much the OLED TV R (seen at CES 2019) has been shown in the US: $100,000! On the contrary, it would seem very expensive if instead we make the comparison with the C2 OLED, which LG proposed in 42-inch format at $1,399 (in the USA, in Italy a little over 1,300 euros) and that with the Flex LX3 it practically shares All technical characteristics, except for the flexibility of the board. The world’s largest OLED also arrives … It’s LG that wants to devote itself to its standard products, those of CEDIA Expo 2022. Yes, because on the market (USA) the LG G2 OLED evo Gallery Edition TV (OLED97G2) also arrives, which was It was also presented at IFA and is now ready to debut for a modest sum of $24,999. technology, the Alpha 9 Gen5 AI processor and a series of algorithms for image optimization …. and PI ELEGANTELG takes advantage of the event to debut in other products, including the 27ART10AKPL, also known as LG StandbyME, a 27-inch wireless monitor with built-in battery that follows us wherever we go ( as far as possible …) thanks to the stand that was placed on it and equipped with wheels. Useful for work, school and more. The price is $999.

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