Lenovo ThinkReality VRX official: it will be the portal of the metaverse company

Lenovo ThinkReality VRX is the new comprehensive headset announced by the Chinese manufacturer of virtual reality applied in the business world. Thus, the goal is companies, the goal is to take advantage of the good market moment and offer a lightweight tool that can count on a wide range of business services. The application areas are endless, including employee training, virtual collaboration, and 3D engineering. “A Versatile, Secure, High-Quality Gateway to the Enterprise Metaverse”: Here’s the ThinkReality VRX headset, based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR platform and equipped with a six-degree of freedom motion system with 4 front-mounted cameras (also works with 3 degrees of freedom content), color and technology High definition pass-through for mixed reality applications and can be used either as a standalone device or connected to a computer. It’s also compatible with NVIDIA CloudXR for access to graphics-intensive XR projects. The device has headphones with an innovative design, unprecedented pancake optics, it is particularly thin and integrates the battery in such a position that the weight is better distributed, all for the sake of comfort, these are the words of Vishal Shah, GM of XR and Metaverse at Lenovo.: Our clients are looking for reliable, flexible and scalable portals to navigate the metaverse for growing businesses and require enterprise-class solutions for the new business realities in hybrid scenarios and virtual environments. We designed Lenovo ThinkReality VRX to be the best virtual reality solution for immersive 3D training and collaboration. Lenovo Think Reality VRX will be available in preview to a number of select partners by the end of the year, and in 2023 it can be purchased for free worldwide. The price has not yet been announced.

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