Lenovo Tech World 22 Innovations for Productivity Today and Tomorrow

Lenovo at its annual innovation event, the Technology world 22introduced new technology prototypes, solutions and innovations for working, learning and collaborating in the digital age, while announcing its strategic vision to reduce net CO2 emissions to zero, a process that continues even with the assistance of those customers who choose to contribute through a program carbon dioxide compensationwhich recently offset more than one million tons of carbon dioxide.

In addition to previewing PC and smartphone prototypes, detailed in the dedicated article, the company has unveiled several custom innovations productivity:

  • Application Lenovo Freestyle Allows comprehensive control and collaboration between a tablet and a PC, allowing users to pair and turn the tablet into a second portable screen to expand desktop space or alternatively a wireless touchscreen for a laptop
  • Motorola edge smartphones included podium readywhich expands the capabilities of a smartphone to larger screens and enables a mobile desktop experience, console-like gaming sessions, content streaming and video chat
  • The solution Enable remote workwhich provides premium hardware, software, and services to users and allows remote workers to quickly and instantly set up their workspace
  • The futuristic concept cyber spacewhich digitally replicates a classic, face-to-face physical meeting through an interactive 3D physical solution for remote communication and teamwork.
  • Show progress in virtual characters or digital humanto meet the challenges posed by traditional video conferencing, including bandwidth, quality, and privacy
  • The solution production decision enginethat use artificial intelligence and big data to meet the challenges of digitalisation; Supplier 360 Identifies, analyzes and mitigates supply chain risks to help plan what-if scenarios
  • offer the solution Smart Serviceswhich provides any repair needs and improves network management, service technician intervention and logistical support
  • solution appears virtual classeswhich offers virtual tutors to students, provides customized quizzes and tips
  • A remote video collaboration solution, which connects frontline workers with remote experts to perform repair work using real-time directions.

about the so-called ambient techniques Based on Artificial intelligence For next generation data processing:

  • Lenovo and VMware announce a Memorandum of Understanding for edge And the Cloud Innovation Labs: Plans are underway to develop co-designed edge, artificial intelligence, and multi-cloud solutions that will help accelerate business transformation in manufacturing and retail environments.
  • The ThinkEdge series of servers, including the SE350 and SE450, are introduced to show how they perform efficiently in extreme conditions, with high-performance GPUs to support heavy AI applications.
  • inserted XClarity, a unified and open cloud software management platform that makes it easy to organize, deploy, automate, measure and support IT from the edge to the cloud; Platform edge cloudwhich enables various applications in vertical sectors, as well as solving Hybrid cloudwhich covers the entire lifecycle of creating, migrating, using, and managing a hybrid cloud
  • TruScaleThe all-encompassing subscription model has been extended to include more customers.

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