Lamps, Posters, Star Wars Figures and more with which to Decorate your Gaming Setup

 Total War: Warhammer 3 seems to hide details of a new faction: the Chaos Dwarfs are very close Total War: Warhammer 3 seems to hide details of a new faction: the Chaos Dwarfs are very close

Creating a comfortable, functional and welcoming gaming setup is essential if we want to obtain a good gaming experience during our long gaming sessions. But we must not forget the aesthetic component either, which is becoming increasingly important, especially if we move within the field of streaming.

And it is that while before the setup was just another room, but with the exception of being the one we usually played in, it has now taken on a new dimension, making the most committed players dedicate budget and effort to creating a space unique and attractive.

For this reason, in the market we find a wide range of possibilities when it comes to decorating the gaming setup. From lamps to collectible figures, through books, vinyl, posters, furniture and a long list of decorative items. And many of them also belong to some of the best-known video game, movie and popular culture franchises of recent times.

Celebrate the arrival of the Elden Ring with these decorative figures from the Miyazaki universe: which one is better to buy?  Tips and recommendations.

Lamps, Posters, Star Wars Figures Decorate your Gaming Setup


Celebrate the arrival of the Elden Ring with these decorative figures from the Miyazaki universe: which one is better to buy? Tips and recommendations

Star Wars is one of the most successful of all, so if we are fans of its movies, series, and video games, a whole world opens up to us with which to decorate our setup. Not surprisingly, it is one of the most powerful audiovisual and cultural products of the 20th century (and what we have of the 21st). And in the market we find all kinds of decorative items based on the saga with which to give a unique touch to the space where we usually play.

So if we want to renew the decoration, we are creating a setup from scratch for our newly released gaming equipment or we need to make a very special gift, then we review some super interesting varied alternatives that we can take home for a small outlay. With options for all types of users and pockets, but with an essential common factor: Star Wars, Star Wars and more Star Wars. We go with them!

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Star Wars decoration for your gaming setup: Recommended items

Star Wars 2022 Calendar

What better way to keep our affairs up to date, decorate the setup and bring our passion for Star Wars to the desktop than with a calendar like this one, priced at only 6.84 euros. With a super interesting style that changes between months.

Star Wars The Mandalorian Poster

We continue with a poster for the wall of our setup starring The Mandalorian, the successful series based on the Star Wars universe. In combination with cool blue LED lights it looks great. And for only 7.64 euros.

Darth Vader Plush

A stuffed animal is not out of place in any room, especially in the setups of the smallest of the house. And for 8.99 euros we can get this Darth Vader one that, far from instilling terror, is quite adorable. He has a size of 20 centimeters.

Star Wars Poster

For 9.99 euros, with excellent user ratings and as an alternative (or complement) to the poster above, we have this other of the first Star Wars movies. A must have for the most nostalgic lovers of the saga.

Funko-Pop! The Mandalorian: Baby Yoda

Baby Yoda (aka The Child) is, without a doubt, one of the best things to happen to Star Wars in recent years. Charismatic and beloved character where they exist, stars in all kinds of articles. And how could it be otherwise, it also has its corresponding figure Funko-Pop! , which has some brutal valuations and costs just 14.39 euros.

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Funko-Pop! Boba fett

If we want to grow our collection of Funko-Pop! Decorative figures, in addition to Baby Yoda we also have this Boba Fett alternative. We can add this excellent figure to our shelf for only 15.99 euros.

Sith Infiltrator ship model

In addition to decorative figures, Star Wars fans can add models of ships from the saga to their shelves, such as this Sith Infiltrator for 17.95 euros. It is at 1/257 scale, it is 10 centimeters long and consists of 22 pieces.

Funko-Pop! The Rise of Skywalker: Kylo Ren

With 9 centimeters in height, a super interesting and unique design as only Funko-Pop! Figures offer, this Kylo Ren model for a price of 20.76 euros is perfect for all kinds of setups. In miniature he’s not scary, but this is one of the most charismatic villains in recent Star Wars history.

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