Klevv Cras X RGB Review

Klevv Cras X RGB Review

The Klevv Cras X RGB are a pair of RAM modules that have gained good acceptance from users in the market. In this analysis you will learn about its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages so that you can determine if it is the best component for you.

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Technical specifications of the Klevv Cras X RGB ram memory

This pair of RAM memory cards has the following features:

Form factor : DIMM

Format : DDR4

Memory amount : 16GB

Number of modules : 2

Memory speed : 3600Mhz

Voltage : 1.35v

Characteristics of the Klevv Cras X RGB RAM

The Klevv Cras X RGB main memory is one of the newest products on the market, ideal for gaming enthusiasts and fans of RGB lighting . Apart from its good performance, it has a lot of aesthetic quality.

Among its most important features are the following:


This RAM memory has a capacity of 16 GB , which is the standard for most computers. It is more than enough to run powerful video games , design programs and play content even in 4K with a good frame rate per second.



The clock frequency is one of its most outstanding aspects, since thanks to its DDR4 format it reaches 3600 MHz . As a consequence, it is possible to get performance spikes and a couple of extra FPS at specific moments.


The Klevv Cras X RGB 16 GB 3600mhz supports the possibility of increasing its frequency, reaching a maximum speed of 4266 MHz . Even so, it has a fairly practical cooling system that prevents damage to this part.



This pair of RAM modules is very impressive on a visual level, since it incorporates RGB lighting . Although it does not influence performance, it does give it great aesthetics and combines very well with the rest of the computer’s components.

Additionally, it has a heat sink made of metal and a total height of 42.5 mm. The cards are compact, so they are very easy to install in the tower.

Advantages and disadvantages

The Klevv Cras X RGB RAM is one of the best-selling models on the market today. However, it is not perfect, as is the case with any other piece. For this reason, we leave you a list with its points in favor and its points against.


Good clock speed . Its 3600 Mhz allow you to achieve excellent performance when playing.

Simple installation . They are compact cards that do not collide with other components.

Excellent cooling . Its heatsink prevents overheating and possible temperature problems.

Great design . Its aesthetic is very attractive and combines with any computer tower.

Unlocked for OC . You have the possibility to modify its base frequency to reach performance peaks.


They are not so cheap . There are modules with the same performance and cheaper price.

Klevv Cras X RGB vs Corsair Dominator Platinum

The two models are quite popular on Amazon, and are among the first options for users when it comes to building a computer. In the case of Corsair, it offers the same RAM capacity and a lower clock frequency .

It runs at 3200 MHz as a base, which is about 400 Mhz less than the Klevv Cras X RGB. Likewise, their price is higher, although on an aesthetic level they are also prettier, and we must remember that it is a more renowned brand than Klevv.


The Klevv Cras X RGB ram memory is one of the most practical alternatives on the market to have a fast computer that works smoothly.

They are beautiful and elegant, have excellent speed and the optimal capacity for today’s configurations.


Good speed

RGB included

Easy installation


Somewhat expensive

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