Kena 5.99 100 GB Wallet Saver Offer is back to offer up to 150 GB

With inflation it makes it more difficult every day to make ends meet and sometimes forces us to come up with creative ways to do so Curb ExpensesAmong the solutions aimed at reducing monthly expenses, it is possible to consider changing the telephone operator. It is clear that saving 5 or 10 euros per month is not life-changing, but rather the classic question Why pay more for the same product? It’s always valid, especially these days.

like him qanaa TIM-owned virtual manager, up Until October 17th In January 2023, it makes it possible to save a few euros on phone expenses by using Qena 5.99100 GB, a package with unlimited minutes, 500 text messages and 100 GB (modification: 150 with automatic recharge, see below) is available at a “magnetic” price. Here’s everything you need to know between Costs and terms From the show, restrictions on Origin Manager and modalities activation.

Note: The October 5th article was updated on November 3rd with the promotion reactivated with an additional option to get 50GB more.

Offer is reserved for those who apply Mobility of the number From:

Iliad, Poste Mobile, Lycamobile, Fastweb Mobile, 1 Mobile, BT Mobile, BT Etnia Mobile, China Mobile, Coop Voce, Daily Telecom, DIGI Mobile, Elimobile, Engan Mobile, Feder Mobile, Green, Intermatica, Everywhere, Italia Power, Spusu , NetValue, Noitel, Nova, Nextus, NTMobile, Optima, Plintron, Professional Link, Rabona Mobile, Telmekom, Tiscali, Welcome Italia, Wings, Withu

To activate Qena 5.99100 GB you can:

  • Click/tap on the buy button on the page reserved for the show (this)
  • Use the Kena Mobile app for Android and iOS
  • Call customer service 181.

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