Kawasaki presents its electric motorcycle prototype to Intermot 2022

Kawasaki has been working on its first electric bike for some time which we have already talked about many times in the past. Now, at Intermot 2022, the Japanese brand has shown the prototype of its battery-powered wheel. First seen at the Suzuka 8 Hours event, this electric motorcycle will be the basis for a future production model that the Japanese manufacturer is expected to release soon. In fact, the general manager of Kawasaki Motors Europe, Masaya Tsuruno, has indicated that the goal is to have at least three electric cars available globally by 2022. It is clear that the Japanese brand will continue to invest and develop internal combustion engines. But looking to the future, Tsuruno stressed that electric propulsion and biofuels are being considered alongside hydrogen research as a possible solution to achieving carbon neutrality. Kawasaki’s undoubted resources and many years of experience, give it a prominent place in the transportation world, to play an important role in both the development of emerging technologies and technological innovations of internal combustion engines. The company actively participates in partnerships not only in the two-wheeled world, but also in automotive and other technologies geared towards the future of mobility. Unfortunately, no indications were given of the technical specifications. However, due to its size, it has long been speculated that it might be a two-wheeler designed more for urban use, with performance comparable to that of current models with 125 cc internal combustion engines. All that remains is to wait for more news from Kawasaki on the debut of its electric models. Given the goals of the Japanese manufacturer, it will soon be possible to learn more.

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