Juice, ISO Certification for IT Security for Charging Stations

Juice Technology, a company that makes refill products like Juice Booster 2 that we actually had the chance to try, just got International Certificate ISO / SAE 21434 To manage risk in product development. We recall that this legislation dates back to August 2021 and pertains to standard vehicle components, parts and accessories.

ISO/SAE 21434 covers every stage of a vehicle’s life cycle, from development to scrapping and requires the application of cybersecurity methods to all electronic systems, components, software, and all external connections. The guidance also extends to managing cybersecurity across the supply chain. Additionally, it requires certified companies to promote a corporate culture that focuses on cybersecurity and puts it at the heart of every project from the start.

Juice Technology, founded and led by Christoph Ernie, sees electric mobility as a global concept, and therefore sees charging stations as a must Meet the highest standards of the automotive industry. For this purpose, I worked towards obtaining the ISO/SAE 21434 “Road Vehicles – Cyber ​​Security Engineering” certification.

The company explains that increased interoperability between cars, charging stations, energy management systems, and network operators means a Increased risk of anomalieswhere faults can spread to electronic systems through individual subsystems. protection Therefore, it is the simplest way to reduce IT risks. Therefore, we must work on safety.

With regard to the charging infrastructure, this means that the security aspect must be firmly integrated already in the conception and development stage. This “security by design” principle, the company explains, starts when hardware components are found, continues during software design and embraces the entire communication process. Coding standards, code analysis tools, and code reviews thus, standardized practices contribute to more effective quality assurance.

The measures set forth in ISO 21434 provide greater security for product developers, OEMs and their suppliers. Christoph ErnieCEO and founder of Juice Technology, commented:

For us, the adoption of the standard is a consistent continuation of the 3-level concept of electric mobility safety that we introduced on the occasion of World Juice Charging Day 2021. In this area too, we are taking another step forward in this area and we and our competitors continue to put IT security at the heart of our commitment. Because although this cyber security standard is not yet necessary for car manufacturers suppliers, sooner or later it will become a “must-have” for the entire industry. So we already adhere to this standard to continue being a trusted partner for OEMs.

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