Joe Belfiore left Microsoft after 32 years: Headed the Windows Phone project

It’s time to greet Joe Belfioreone of the main faces of Microsoft in recent years, who announced that He will leave Redmond House after 32 years passed in the company. Belfiore was for a long time the main face of the Windows Phone project he led from 2009 to 2013, but he remained a pivotal figure on the platform even after that, especially if we consider the fact that it was his tweet that gave the signal.. from the end of the Windows 10 Mobile era.

During his career, Belfiore held various positions at Microsoft and is currently the corporate vice president for the office, a branch of the company that It will last until the summer of 2023 With a view to ensuring a smooth and seamless transition for his successors, Alice Holseck And the Sumit Chauhan. Belfiore also held other important positions including leading the core product portfolio, which included strategic products such as Windows 10 and Edge and the Surface software division.

Microsoft’s departure does not appear to be related to any controversy or controversy attributable to its relations with the company, but rather to a simple desire for it. Dedicate more time to their own lifeEspecially his three children. Usually referring to the family implies a forced deportation, but it appears that this is not the case, as it has been asserted that Belfiore’s departure will not lead to changes in the strategy of the department he was under (the office), so it is plausible that his statements were in fact.

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