Jeff Bezos wants to donate (almost) all of his billions to charity

Jeff Bezos Decided: a large part of its billionaire assets will be donated Charity, in particular to combat climate change and poverty. This was announced by the former CEO of Amazon during an exclusive interview with CNN. Since leaving the CEO position, Bezos has devoted himself to many charitable activities With his partner Lauren Sánchez: For example, a delivery Courage and Compassion Award 2022 He himself founded singer-songwriter Dolly Parton, who will allocate the $100 million he received to various charitable initiatives.

124 billion dollars: This is the wealth of Bezos, who, however, was unable to determine what percentage would be donated and what projects would be funded. In the meantime, he silenced all those who accused him of being stingy, or at least unwilling to engage in fundraising for social purposes.

His refusal to participate in the tender pledge caused an uproar The commitment of some billionaires to donate part of their assets to charities – as well as his absence from the initiative We trust taxes In which 100 billionaires asked governments to raise taxes for a more equitable redistribution of wealth. Bezos was also called (along with Elon Musk) by the Executive Director of the United Nations World Food Program David Beasley who invited him to donate a small portion of his property to feed millions of people in the poorest regions of the earth.

Once acquired who – which ‘Climate obsession Shouted by his staff, Jeff Bezos created$10 billion Earth Fund It aims to provide financial support to associations, scientists, companies and NGOs to find innovative solutions to protect our planet. Although he no longer holds the position of CEO, he is still actively involved in Amazon, where he contributes to the implementation of solutions and strategies aimed at containing environmental impact. The 2021 Sustainability Statements reflect the provisions of the Climate Pledge program to which the company is committed carbon emissions by 2040. As already indicated at the time, however, the Green washing hazards It’s always around the corner, as the carbon emissions of all of Amazon’s businesses have increased by 18% over the past year.

He does not even rule out the entry of Bezos and his partner in NFL: Rumors speak of interest in the Washington football team. They don’t seem to smile in response to the question at all.

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