Italy 2022 car market closes October with 14.6% growth

It also continues to October 2022 Italian car market recovery. After 9.9% growth in August and 5.4% in September, the month that just ended did well (a) +14.6% compared to the same period in 2021. We are talking about 115,827 registrations compared to 101,103 in October 2021. But the comparison with 2020 and 2019 is still negative.

Despite the good October result, the 2022 trend is negative. In fact, at the moment, 1,091,894 registrations have been made, which is 175,000 fewer cars than in the same period in 2021 (-13.8%). For UNUNAE, 2022 should close with 1,300,000 registrations, a level not seen since 2013. Comments Michelle CreasyPresident of the United Nations:

The fragility of the global scenario and the risk of a technical recession in the latter part of the year should affect the automotive sector, closing 2022 at around 1,300,000 registrations, -10.8% in 2021 and 158,000 units less, i.e. volume equal. to the lowest level recorded in 2013 with 1,304,000 vehicles.

And for the year 2023The UN website notes that the situation should not improve much due to the current economic situation.

Economic stagnation and the effects of technical stagnation at the beginning of the year will affect the results of 2023 which should remain in a weak volume estimated by us at 1,400,000 units, + 7.7% in 2022.

Speaking of the agreement at European level to stop the sale of endothermic plants from 2035, the association says it is ready to cooperate with the new government to confront this transitional moment.

Back to the month data from Users’ point of view, ordinary individuals return to growth and close October 2022 with a share of 58.2%. Self-registrations also performed well at 8.2%. Long-term rents rise to 24.4%. Short-term rent is also good even if his share is only 2.5%. Good performance for companies that rose in October to 6.6%.

speak power suppliesThe proportion of gasoline models increased to 27.4%. However, diesel was 18.7%. LPG is also growing again, at 8.8% per month, while methane is declining to 0.4% of the total. HEV hybrids still performed well, rising to 36.3% of preferences, 9.9% for “full” hybrids and 26.4% for “light” hybrids. Plug-in vehicles recovered, back to 5.2% in October, while BEV lost nearly half of volumes, dropping to 3.1%.

Finally, regarding car kits, Stilants closes October 2022 with a lead of 7.16%. The Volkswagen Group performed well with a growth of 35.80%. Renault group is in negative territory with a decrease of 1.87%.

[Fonte dati: UNRAE]

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