It finally matters Fact: Here are the first products to comply with the new standard

Matter 1.0 Finally a reality, the Amsterdam Connection Standards Alliance has announced a protocol specification set to revolutionize – read: Simplify – the smart home and the interoperability of connected devices and have Presented the first products you will adopt. Its path has been marked by constant delays, not primarily due to problems with developing the standard but because of the broad commitment to the project by several companies.

October 04

Article Revolutionizing Home Automation: What

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question in short

What is this

A protocol for linking compatible devices and systems together. Smart home devices should be safe, reliable and easy to use. And with this issue they are.

What is its purpose?

This unified industry standard holds the promise of a reliable and secure connection. It’s the seal of approval that the devices work perfectly together today and tomorrow. The material creates more connections between multiple objects, simplifies development for manufacturers, and increases compatibility with consumers.

Benefits for consumers

The issue is the seal of approval which states that the smart devices work together reliably, eliminating the guesswork in the buying process. This confidence allows you to choose from a wide range of brands you love and gives you the comfort of a connected, safe and seamless home.

augmented bodies

AmazonAnd the appleAsa Abloy Comcast The GoogleHaier HuaweiAnd the IKEAInfineon, Kroger, Latch, Leddarson, Legrand, LGLutron, Midea, Nordic Semiconductor, NXP, OPPOResidency SamsungSchneider Electric, Signify, Silicon Laboratories, Somfy, STMicroelectronics, Texas Instruments, Tuya, Wulian.

In addition to these current participants 272 and 230 adopter.

issue 1.0

From theory to practice: today in Amsterdam The first products to adopt the standard were shown. They range from smart plugs to lighting, from locks to weather devices, and from window blinds to security sensors. I am currently 190 products have already been certified or pending testing in 8 laboratories located in 16 different locations in 9 countries. In the future, Matter will be expanded to other product categories and brands.

The aim is to Ensuring interoperability between products belonging to different ecosystems through an open standardThis concept was repeated over and over again during the event by the promoters and all entities involved in the project. “Starting with silicon“, as acknowledged by the CEO of Silicon Labs: This means that to comply with the standard, it is necessary to consider The complete life cycle of the productSince its “cradle”.


Amazon is at the forefront as a board member of the Communication Standards Alliance. These are the words of Marja Koopmans, director of smart home and health at the American company:

We look forward to bringing this open standard to more than 100 million Echo and eero devices to make it easier to configure and control Matter-certified smart home devices.

It will start in December, when 17 Echo devices will receive certification to the Matter standard. At first it will be limited to

  • WiFi issue (hence not the subject radio protocol)
  • Android
  • Sockets, lamps and switches

iOS and threads will be added during 2023, as well as other types of products. There will be interoperability with Amazon devices even if the third-party manufacturer does not follow Works With Alexa, however a WWA badge is recommended. In addition, one was announced Partnership with Samsung To simplify the connected activity between Amazon and SmartThings products: in particular, it can be moved from one platform to another without the need to reconfigure the hardware.

Amazon’s first 17 products

Echo Dot 5th Gen, Echo Dot 5th Gen with Clock, Echo 4th Gen, Echo Dot 3rd Jan 2018, Echo Studio, Echo Show 8 2nd Jan 2021, Echo Show 10 3rd Gen, Echo Show 5 2nd Jan 2021, Echo Dot 3rd gen with Clock, Echo Dot 4th gen with clock, Echo Show 5, Echo v3, Echo Dot 4th gen, Echo Input, Echo Flex, Echo Plus v2, Echo Show 8.

With the upcoming update, it will be possible to add all Matter-compatible devices to any Matter app on your Android smartphone or tablet: the Echo will be the console.

Below is a selection of brands that have announced compatibility with Matter.


Yale Assure Lock 2 It is the new line of smart locks connected via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The Matter Smart Module ($79.99) will be available soon to bring the entire product family into compliance with the Matter standard. The price of the locks ranges from $159.99 to $259.99.


The first NXP-compliant product for semiconductor is called IW612, a triple-capable radio with support for WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5.2, and 802.15.4 protocol. The IW612 ensures connectivity to the smart home, automotive, production environments and “Frees consumers from the constraints of single-protocol ecosystems“.


The first products will be revealed with Matter support By the end of 2022. There will be at least 10, belonging to categories such as sockets, switches, lamps and hubs.


SmartThings: integration with Matter, the home automation standard

October 25


Access to Matter will be active from December untilAqrah Hub M2 With an OTA update that will allow Aqara Zigbee devices to be compatible with the new protocol. The same procedure will be followed for other products of the brand, including the Hub M1S / M1S gen 2, Hub E1, Camera Hub G3 and Camera Hub G2H Pro.


A19, BR30 and GU10 They are the first nanolife products compatible with the material. The bulbs and light bar will arrive in February 2023 with prices starting at $20. They will all be RGBW, with 16 million colors and temperatures between 2,700 and 6,500 K. “You will use LEDs and light strip Matter over Thread, with Bluetooth back-upCEO Jimmy Choo explained.

Philips Hue

Phillips Hue Bridge It is approved. The update will arrive soon and will makeAll current and new Hue lights and accessories are automatically compatible“.


Ikea Dirigera, the new hub that will arrive in November with the support of Matter |  price

October 04

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