iPhone SE 4 looks at the iPhone XR design: there will be a notch

With the new iPhone 14 now behind us, the rumors continue to look to future generations of iPhones, both in terms of future high-end proposals and those to be published in the coming years. Mid-range Cupertino housewhich is the next iPhone SE.

The well-known DSCC (Accidental Supply Chain Consultants) analyst has given us a new indiscretion in this sense. Ross Young, a source who has always been on the lookout for all the motions related to the display production chain. Several times, in fact, Young has accurately predicted the details of the new smartphones arriving precisely starting from the characteristics of the screen, and this time he also seems to be tracking A complete picture of the fourth generation of iPhone SE It is enough to start directly from her palette.

Latest on IPHONE SE 4

Young shared his analysis with colleagues from Mac rumorswho confirmed it iPhone SE 4 It should actually depend 6.1 inch LCD screen with notchSo we’ll give an overall design that could be very similar to that of the iPhone XR, or the model that’s the basis for the Cupertino’s 2018 rendering (we appreciated it at the time of our review).

Obviously we’re talking about the iPhone XR and not the iPhone 11 – its direct evolution – since while sharing a lot of the design, the latter is equipped with Dual Rear Camerawhich should be absent from the next SEin direct continuity with what this offers special edition Which always aims to bring the basic version of iPhone to market.

In fact, the SE series was never designed to be attractive, but merely to extend Apple’s offering further down, with the goal of keeping the aesthetics of models that are no longer current unchanged. This often coincided with the fact that the iPhone SE was also compact device It’s still today in its latest incarnation of 2022, as we told you in the review — but that’s only because previous iterations looked at the design of iPhones born in a now archaic era, like the iPhone 5s and iPhone 8. With the new model we will move to more important dimensions.

The next iPhone SE, which Young says should arrive in 2024So, two years after the current model, we’ll aim to re-propose what’s still a very familiar design today, which features a notch at the top of the screen and all in all the slim bezels on all four sides. That must be said It is not yet clear what will be inside the crevicesince recent rumors assume that there is no TrueDepth camera needed to use FaceID, since the smartphone could provide TouchID sensor placed on the side buttonAs with many other Apple products mid range.

Choosing a notch will be a real aesthetic

Precisely in light of this, Young predicted in the past that the fourth-generation iPhone SE might have a hole in the screen, a hypothesis that is ignored today because it would bring the device too close to existing design lines – and thus lead it to implement some form of Dynamic Island – and end up making it a phone. Smart Too attractive to be a SEThis has eroded sales of more expensive models dramatically.

Hence, the most reasonable hypotheses are those of the first degree emptyIt also happens a little bit also in the products of the MacBook Pro 14/16 and MacBook Air M2 line, where The slit is more aesthetic than functional, since it doesn’t have facial recognition hardware inside. If on MacBooks this is due to the extremely low thickness of the area where the notch is placed, there will be no excuses on the iPhone SE 4; If confirmed, it would be a deliberate choice, intended to re-propose just this type of design at all costs. So we are waiting for further confirmations.


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