iPhone 15 with USB-C? An increasingly tangible premise, with greater magnification and greater RAM

iPhone 15 may be remembered as iPhonefirst in history, to switch to a common connector with other manufacturers. Ditching Lightning, the proprietary standard that Apple introduced ten years ago on the iPhone 5, can finally come true in 2023and part of the merit can be from EU legislation that will oblige Who produces consumer electronics a Use USB-C from 2024.

Apple strongly opposed when the legislation was in the European Commission’s “I want to do” column, and said the idea of ​​the organization would “Innovation Decline”. Then Europe started getting serious Until the last green light in the past few days, and the prospect of opting to forgo the beloved Lightning or sell the prized gadgets with apples everywhere but Europe clearly suggested a more reasonable approach. After all, converting to USB-C for the “basic” iPad 9th to 10th generation is a It is likely to be a very indicative paragraph.

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October 24

Apple has thought of an iPad with a plastic chassis to combat price hikes

October 24

to bet Changing views in Cupertino They are analysts TrendForce, which has shown in the past that they can read the movements of a big player like Apple well. Last June, for example, they, along with others, proposed an unprecedented scenario, the presence of the new generation of the Bionic chip only on the iPhone 14 Pro. Today in a statement explaining that Inflation pressure is greater than what drives customers to buy iPhonesenough to prompt Apple to revise production targets for the beginning of 2023 (14% less Compared to 2022), the company has dedicated steps to the next generation of Cupertino smartphones.

More RAM, more zoom but still more modem than anything

The Switch to USB-C It is undoubtedly the most intriguing prediction, because if we exclude some shy summer rumors, the hypothesis begins to bounce from one source of weight to another only recently. In recent days Mark Gorman of Bloomberg, a journalist very close to Apple, has been releasing TrendForce, and at this point it is reasonable to expect that between now and mid-September 2023 others will follow, if there is any truth to it. On the other fronts, analysts believe that Apple You will continue on the path of the latest segment to the pro And that’s the previous year for the relatively cheaper iPhones.

iPhone 15 Pro should get it too 2 GB more RAMso from the current 6 GB it will go to 8 GB, along with a file The camera assembly is more stable Thanks to the telephoto lens with a periscope body, and therefore an equivalent focal length three times larger than that of the main camera. The iPhone 14 Pro offers 3x optical zoom, and the 15 Pro that takes frivolity will go even further, perhaps at 5x or 10x. Finally, according to analysts, Apple should keep pulling from Qualcomm’s catalog for 5G modems: The device designed at home still does not offer satisfactory performance, it is better to wait until 2024.

In the opening image, the bottom profile with USB-C of the iPad Pro M2 (check here), in the middle instead of the 10th generation iPad just converted to the next global standard (preview here).


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