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Looks like Apple is working for Ditch the physical buttons for power and volume control on iPhone The next generation, at least as far as the Pro models are concerned; The gods will come in their place “Solid-state” keys, similar to Touch ID Introduced on the iPhone 7 and 7. Plus, the button has practically no moving parts, and the sensation of pressing / clicking is reproduced by the Taptic Engine. This is claimed by TF Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

According to the source, the novelty requires implementation Two additional Taptic Engines, which we remember is the name Apple assigned to the vibration motor; One on each side of the device. Currently, each iPhone includes only one scooter. Kuo expects that this change will be of great benefit to Luxshare and AAC Technologies, the companies that physically produce the component.

There are objective benefits to switching to solid state buttons over physical buttons. No moving parts means greater reliability over time, there’s less chance of dirt accumulating in hard-to-clean places, and a potential entry point for water, liquids and other contaminants is removed. Moreover, Apple has shown that it knows how Convincingly restores the feeling of physical stress In addition to Touch ID, we also think of MacBook trackpads, for example.

If at least initially the novelty will only be interested in the two Pro models (or the Pro + Ultra model?), then it is safe to assume that in later generations it will also reach the regular series. We also remember that the iPhone 15 (all of them) should be last Ditch the Lightning port in favor of USB-Cdue to new rules imposed by the European Union.

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