iPhone 14 Pro Max, massive sales: what effects will it have on the iPhone 15 “Ultra”?

According to Kuo’s latest series of tweets, in fact, the iPhone 14 Pro Max appears to account for more than 60% of new orders for the Pro series, which increases the average selling price of iPhones for the fourth quarter of 2022. Because it will. Positively affect the last quarter of the year for Apple. Although the price of iPhones in the US has remained unchanged, this has increased in most markets compared to last year, but this does not seem to have had any negative impact on consumer choices, which have never before been pouring in in large numbers like this year. On the largest and most expensive model. At the moment, there are no exact indicators that would allow to explain this phenomenon, but it is likely that the inclusion of energy-intensive features such as the always-on display will convince more and more users to rely on the variant with greater autonomy, but not only. However, the higher spending propensity could have a direct impact on the characteristics of the 2023 lineup – as predicted above – because, according to Kuo, this could convince Apple to further diversify the Pro Max variant next year compared to the Pro model. It did not happen this year with the iPhone 14 Pro, which offers the same technical characteristics as the older brother, and we have seen that the recent rumors speak of the possibility of moving to the iPhone 15 Ultra, which can be distinguished by the presence of periscope zoom and 256 GB of primary memory, in order to justify the higher list price . While this could create a clear departure from the iPhone 15 Pro – which at that point would be a cross between the base model and the more high-performance model – it’s not clear if or if Apple will continue this distinction over the years. An exclusive feature next year. In the past, in fact, we’ve seen Apple adopt this strategy from time to time, as in the case of the iPhone 7 Plus – the first with dual cameras and 3GB of RAM, features absent in the iPhone 7 – or in the iPhone 7 12 Pro Max – with stability , shifting the sensor and a larger main sensor, also absent from the iPhone 12 Pro – then standardizing the display specifications with later generations. So the question is still being settled in the long run, but next year will probably be the most expensive model just to deliver all the expected innovations (Update September 29 2022, 19:20) (Update September 29 2022, 19:20)

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