iPhone 14 Pro Max, it costs so much to produce: Apple has never spent like this before

It didn’t cost Apple much to produce the iPhone. According to estimates Nikki AsiaAnd the It costs Apple $501 to produce the iPhone 14 Pro Maxa + 20% Compared to the iPhone 13 Pro Max which costs $461, so more than 45% of the list price is spent on components, The rest is not just profit Because the costs of design, assembly, distribution, marketing, assistance structure, etc. remain outside.

The price of the iPhone 14 Pro Max increased compared to its predecessor, but if Apple had wanted to maintain a balance, its price list would have reached even higher peaks. The most expensive component is A16 Bionic chipwhich absorbs by itself 110 buckscost 2.4 times larger than the A15 Bionic. Moreover, next year, TSMC, the manufacturer of materials for the chips, has already proposed increases, so the iPhone 15 Pro Max will have to choose a certain weight in the price list.

The cost analysis also powers the new sensors for Sony’s cameras, which are 30% larger and therefore more effective for low-light shots (review here) but also 50% more expensive than they have been in the past: $15 each. Even moving from iPhone 13 to iPhone 14 wasn’t easy for Apple accountsdespite the chip and many other components have remained more or less the same: Apple spends about 10% more, obviously due to the general increase in prices.

Another interesting element of the analysis is Cost breakdown by country, that is, where the total cost of iPhone components ends up in percentage terms. For example, a kind of “nationalization” of the iPhone product shows, with Apple, not only slightly, decreasing its exposure to foreign suppliers: almost 10% more bills for iPhone 14 Pro Max components heading towards United State, While exposure to South Korea and Japan decreased by about 6 and 4%. The view of china It doesn’t really matter because the bulk of the bills are for actual assembly, which Apple is trying to move elsewhere anyway.

(Updated Oct 07, 2022, 9:35 PM)

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