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Get and install the new iPad Pro M2 macOS: impossible? Apparently not, because sources close to Apple confirm that in Cupertino there is extensive work on one A special edition of the Apple desktop operating system It was explicitly announced for the tablet that was announced a few days ago.

And apparently, the business will already be at a decent point, because it is rumored that Already released within 2023. Therefore, we will not limit ourselves to professional software compatibility, but to the entire operating system. However, this will be a “light” version of macOS that we know on Macs, for exclusive use on iPads with an M2 processor.

The fact that there is a codename for this operating system seems to confirm its actual existence: it is called Mendocino It has nothing to do with Ryzen 7020 processors, also called Mendocino internally – and it will be released over the next year as macOS 14.

It must be remembered that it is a file Commonand therefore must be taken into account. After all, it is not clear why it should be Transfer On a tablet, a complete operating system with a graphical interface: why not just bring in the most requested software, and leave the user experience intact? practically Since the release of the first iPad, macOS is supposed to debut on tabletsThere are even those who say that Apple’s first intentions were to offer the original iPad with macOS on board. To stop any enthusiasm, the hypothesis that it was an internal test that involves using an iPad with macOS but is set to never be followed should not be ruled out.

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