iOS 16: Gmail and Google News are updated with lock screen widgets

A few weeks after the announcement, Google continues to release updates to its iOS apps, bringing already expected support for widgets on the lock screen, an option that became possible on the iPhone starting with iOS 16. Today’s news concerns two famous and well-known. It uses Google Group apps, which are Gmail and Google News. The former has been updated to version 6.0.220918 and now includes a new widget that allows you to read information in new incoming emails at a glance, and also provides details about the category of each message. The Gmail tool is divided into three different proposals. The first is the more traditional one, which is a 2 x 1 rectangle that displays as much information as possible. There is also a smaller 1×1 version, the latter being able to report only the number of new messages in the mailbox. Then we find the third tool – the one that appears above the timeline – which offers the same indicator as the 1 x 1 tool, but does so in textual rather than graphical form. In recent days for all those who have updated the app to version 5.61. This is proposed in 2×1 format and shows us the latest news published on the news aggregator, giving us the opportunity to discover the latest news headlines at the moment. Remember that after updating apps, it is recommended to run them at least once to make sure that the new widgets are loaded correctly and available in the lock screen configuration screen. To add a widget, if you forgot it, just press and hold on the lock screen, tap on the personalization item, choose the lock screen and step into the slots above and below the time. We point out that it is possible to set up a maximum of 4 1×1 widgets or any other combination that falls within the 4 blocks.

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