iOS 16.0.3 may be around the corner to fix many bugs

iOS 16 has been available for nearly a month now, and with the release of iOS 16.1, the current version of iOS 16.0.2 was expected to be the last update before moving to version .1. However, it appears that Apple is preparing a new update that may arrive very soon, according to the latest rumors reported by MacRumors; It’s iOS 16.0.3. Let’s go and see why Cupertino is working on a new minor release. Now comes iOS 16.0.3, the third minor update to iOS 16 which should continue the process of smoothing out the bugs started by the previous updates. The release of iOS 16 has not been without problems and there are still many testimonials about excessive consumption and many bugs and small hurdles still plaguing the iPhone operating system in various fields. Minor lags, lags, and other issues — like low call volume when using CarPlay, crashes in the Mail app, errors in editing videos shot in cinematic mode and more — still persist to this day. Apple 30 Sep That’s why Apple could soon step in with a patchy firmware that will fix some of the mentioned issues even before the release of iOS 16.1, which at this point we only expect to receive in late October. We remind you that this version of the program will bring with it support for live activities, support for Matter extensions and many other important corrections, including those related to the finally sensible management of the residual charge icon. At this point, iOS 16.0.3 will likely arrive early this week, with its first reasonable launch window early this evening. We just have to wait a little longer to see if the new firmware arrives today or in the next few days.

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