IntimaTe WM Heart Review


IntimaTe WM Heart Review

The IntimaTe WM Heart is one of the best-selling gaming chairs on the market due to its good quality. In this analysis you will know its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages so that you can identify if it is an ideal purchase for you.

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Technical specifications of the IntimaTe WM Heart gaming chair

This gaming chair has the following features:

·         Dimensions : 60 x 54 x 183 centimeters

·         Colors : blue, white, gray, red, pink, green

·         Manufacturing material : wood, plastic and steel

·         Total weight : 22.4 kg

·         Weight support : 150kg

·         Legs : 6

Characteristics of the IntimaTe WM Heart chair

The IntimaTe WM Heart gaming chair is designed for all users who want to enjoy their video games comfortably . It is a chair that has become very popular, since its price is reasonably accessible and it provides high quality features.


Among the most important are the following:


Its backrest is high enough to support your neck strongly, so you don’t feel discomfort. In addition, the padding has been made with high-density sponge, which provides high softness when laying the head down.

As for the lining, PU leather has been used , a material that lasts over time.


Reclining system

The chair is compatible with height recline, as well as tilt in a range of 135º to 90º . You can adapt it to your needs depending on each situation so that you always feel comfortable.

It does not go up to a 180º angle like other chairs, but it is not an impediment for most users.



The base is completely solid, since it has 5 robust legs and wheels made of PU and Nylon. The structure is made of stainless steel , which significantly extends its useful life.

Additionally, its pneumatic cylinder has SGS certification, so it supports a maximum weight of up to 150 kg .



Like the backrest, the armrests are adjustable so that they fit people of different heights. In addition, its interior is made with thick sponges that give it great padding, while the external lining has the same leather as the main fabrication.

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Advantages and disadvantages

The IntimaTe WM Heart gaming chair has met the needs of many users, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Like any product, it has pros and cons, depending on your point of view.

Here is a list of its most obvious advantages and disadvantages:



Excellent quality/price ratio . It is a relatively accessible chair, with very good features and a lot of comfort.

Adaptable chair . Its reclining system allows you to use it in different positions.

Good weight support . Supports a maximum load of up to 150 kg, ideal for most users.

Easy to assemble . Installation is quite simple and no advanced technical knowledge is required.

Simple maintenance . PU leather accumulates very little debris, so it is very easy to clean.


A little low . If you are quite tall, you may have to always use it on the highest recline.


Frequent questions

Is it possible to get spare parts in case of damage?

The most practical thing is to contact the manufacturer to learn more about it.


Is the chair good for people 1.50 meters tall?

Yes, since it is possible to adjust the height of both the seat and the armrests.


Is it for children?

The chair is specially designed for adults, so it is not recommended to give it to a child.


IntimaTe WM Heart vs Nokaxus YK-6008

Both chairs are quite popular on Amazon and have very good reviews. Even so, there are significant differences in both models. For example, the Nokaxus uses synthetic leather and has a solid back , unlike the IntimaTe WM Heart.

Likewise, the retractable system admits angles that go from 90 to 180 degrees , being completely flattened as if it were a sofa. For this reason, it is a multifunctional chair that is used not only to play, but also to rest, take a nap or even receive a massage.

Finally, the Nokaxus model incorporates a footrest , a feature excluded in the IntimaTe WM.



The IntimaTe WM Heart gaming chair is a very good alternative for those looking to play comfortably without spending a lot of money .

Although it is true that for this price range you cannot expect a top-class product, but you are going to get an outstanding chair, padded and very beautiful on an aesthetic level.


Up to 150kg

Very adaptable

High durability


Something low

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