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Intel Arc Alchemist Graphics Card on Blender 3D intensive testing, when does it go on Sale?


Intel Arc Alchemist Graphics Card on Blender 3D intensive testing, when does it go on Sale?

And while Intel is doing all the necessary testing of its new graphics card, which should compete with AMD and Nvidia graphics cards, you are probably wondering when it will appear on the market?


You probably follow the events around graphics cards and chips in general, the story is constantly about shortages, insufficient production, high prices and the like. All this is more or less true, and you can check for yourself at the prices of graphics cards that have gone sky high. They say their prices have also risen because of cryptocurrency miners, so the story has been unusual in the last few years to say the least.


It is especially embarrassing for those who buy gaming computers because this situation hits them hard in the pocket. For example, for the price of a slightly stronger graphics card of about 1,000 euros, you can buy an entire laptop with an additional graphics card, which can also be used to play video games.


That’s why we’re all looking forward to the new Intel Arc Alchemist graphics cards we wrote about earlier , which might normalize PC graphics card prices a bit. While we look forward to it Intel is in a hurry to test its graphics card in Blender, a 3D rendering program. You can see what it looks like in the video below.


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From this story, we were able to find out how the new Intel Arc Alchemist GPU cards could appear before the summer, they say in the second quarter of this year. The first laptops with Intel Arc graphics cards will reportedly be introduced this Thursday, March 30, 2022. Live and see… 🙂

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