Increase the ventilation of your CPU with our Aircooler Upgrade


CPU with our Aircooler Upgrade

If you have an PTech CPU cooler and want to double its cooling power, now you can, without the need to invest in a whole new one. Update and improve the cooling of your PTech heatsink, with our Aircooler Upgrade Kit . 

Discover the Aircooler Upgrade set

Now you can easily install a second fan on any of your compatible PTech coolers: Vela X , Centaurus X or Aegir . Choose the fan that goes with your heatsink, and install it easily, with this set, prepared with everything you need: 

Fans compatible with installation clips: 120mm

Y-wire connection: 4-pin PWM

Product content:

2x Clips 120mm

1x Cable PWM en Y

Upgrade your heatsink and multiply its cooling power

If in your day you decided to install a CPU cooler from among the Vela X, Centaurus X or Aegir models, and you have fallen short, you do not need to purchase their dual-fan versions, since they are prepared for you to install one remove easily. The way to do it is very simple. You can choose any of the fans compatible with these coolers, from among the 120mm fans available on our website , although, for example, Aegir has a specific one, but you could install another without problem. 

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Actually, you can choose any fan from our section of supplementary fans, that is 120mm , even for Aegir. The specific model is simply for aesthetic reasons, so that both fans of your heatsink are the same. If you have a Centaurus  X , the most suitable will be Nebulus , since it has the same type of wiring and also ARGB, as in the case of the pre-installed fan. And, in the case of Vela X , Aegir Fan is what you are looking for. 

Add an additional 120mm fan

As we said, in principle you would not have a problem installing any other 120mm fan from our catalogue, but we recommend that you always take into account the specifications of your heatsink, and of the additional fan you want to install. 

Once you have it chosen, mounting it to your heatsink is done exactly the same as when you installed the original fan that came with your Aegir, Vela X, or Centaurus X. You attach the retaining clips, and the PWM Y-cable, to power the fan. both fans and you don’t have to connect a second cable to your board and that’s it!

At PTech we always give you the best options for your computer, and we hope to help you with this simple ventilation extension for your CPU cooler. 

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