In Naples, the first 5G, smart tram: TIM, ANM and Qualcomm begin the trial

TIM and Azienda Napoletana Mobilità, in collaboration with Qualcomm, announced the start of the trial on connected tram for the network. The first “smart” tram is located in Naples, which is included in the project connected tram based on solutions Cloud Mobility It will affect this first stage Tram 4 for three weeksfrom Corso S. Giovanni A. Teduccio to MUNICIPIO.

Thus, ANM passengers will have a service available on the number 4 Information and entertainment on the tram With 16:9 screens – the gate can also be accessed from smartphones thanks to the QR code and 5G connectivity spread by the free Wi-Fi on board – with a display Real-time information based on vehicle positionincluding news, weather, bits of history, places and points of interest nearby (monuments, squares, museums).

The classic public transport experience is enriched by a ‘smart’ serviceExplain the companies involved. It would be useful to the Neapolitans and perhaps even more useful to tourists that crowds the capital.

Cloud and 5G services from TIM can be used in a second phase to collect data from an innovative smart analytics system in the sensing sector, and integrate it into the TIM Urban Genius smart city platform. In this way it will be possible to provide information on the near and far context of any vehicle, collect passenger data such as attendance and ticketing, and integrate additional data and alerts from sensors included in the urban context.

The technology solution developed for ANM is one of the applications offered by TIM Enterprise to promote digital transformation and innovation in various fields thanks to digital services in smart cities, immersive tourism and automobiles, based onThe intertwining of cloud technologies, artificial intelligence, and 5G connectivity. A year ago, TIM, along with its subsidiary Noovle, announced the creation of the first 5G cloud network in Italy.

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